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Dreamcast games that need come to PSN/Xbox Live

With the release of the first Dreamcast collection on PSN/XBL gamers should have been excited. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are okay games, but gamers need more. Quit teasing Sega, we want the great games that made the Dreamcast what it is, games like Powerstone 2, Giga Wing, Bangai-O, Last Blade, Shenmue I and II, Vampire Chronicles, and Capcom vs. SNK. (Crazy Taxi, Dreamcast Collection, Power Stone Collection, PS3, Retro, Sega, Shenmue II, Sonic Adventure, Xbox 360)

christheredhead  +   1325d ago
power stone 2 seriously needs to come to psn/live. i still play it constantly on my dreamcast and 4 player matches are always a blast with my friends but power stone with current online features would be ridiculously fun.

capcom will never make it happen though.
Cajun Chicken  +   1324d ago
It's a reason to keep a Dreamcast and 4 controllers around! I've also got Powerstone Collection for PSP which is a brilliant port on the go.

The fact Capcom haven't done anything more, or even cameos of Powerstone characters is ridiculous. I mean, the games had an anime, is that a franchise that deserves to get buried forever?
kube00  +   1324d ago
As I mentioned maybe Capcom is going to forget about Powerstone
kube00  +   1324d ago
Im worried that if we don't see anything soon enough that gamers will forget about that series.

Also why didn't they put someone from the game in Marvel vs Capcom 3?
ceedubya9  +   1324d ago
Capcom VS SNK 2 and Skies of Arcadia
kube00  +   1324d ago
How was Skies of Arcadia on the gamecube vs the DC one?
plb  +   1324d ago
The collection is also on Steam fyi
kube00  +   1324d ago
On sale on Steam?! Nice
Magnus  +   1324d ago
Shenmue 1&2 need to be released with cleaned up graphics release the game either PSN and XBL or on Blu-Ray and DVD Ill buy it day one.
dragunrising  +   1324d ago
There is only one series I want and thats Shenmue. It may look a little dated but Sega could release an HD version and test the waters for Shenmue 3.
Shmotz  +   1324d ago
Sonic Adventure 2 with online Chao races and karate.
baodeus  +   1324d ago
powerstone, capcom vs snk2 (although they promoting SSF5 and MvC3, promoting that might reduce sell on these games) and shenmue. There are also a lot of vertical/side shooter that are great too.

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