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Psycho Mantis Speaks! An Interview With Doug Stone

I recently had a chance to interview Psycho Mantis himself, Doug Stone! Doug covers, MGS, MGS4 as well as various tv and film projects including the classic 80s cartoon M.A.S.K. Enjoy! (Dev, GameCube, Industry, PS3, Retro)

Dante112  +   1324d ago
"Quick, switch the controller port!"

Lol, nostalgia. Those were the days <3 . Great hearing from Doug Stone and that he's still doing voice work (Dynasty Warriors 5, Viewtiful Joe, Code Geass and Black Blood Brothers). Hope he makes a return in the "supposedly" next MGS game.
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InLaLaLand  +   1324d ago
Yeah I agree. You also forgot 'you like playing Super Mario Sunshine' lol on the Twin Snakes version.
SwilloTGL  +   1324d ago
I liked him in MGS 4, even if it was just a cameo.

Definietly one of Hideo's best characters...........
INehalemEXI  +   1324d ago
dkgshiz  +   1324d ago
I'm really in need of another MGS fix. Clearly, MGS5 will be coming around one way or another. Metal Gear Rising looks pretty meh to me.
telekeneticmantis  +   1324d ago
That's my brother
GunofthePatriots  +   1324d ago
"put the controller down flat on the ground!"


"WOAH WTF!!!!"
Batzi  +   1324d ago
The best boss fight ever!
Kon  +   1324d ago
One of the most creative boss fights that i've played. New games don't have this kind of thing anymore.
AhmadCentral  +   1324d ago
I loved this guy in MGS and Dynasty Warriors, I really hope he does some voices in Dynasty Warriors! He's always the best voice actor in the game series.
Retroplayer  +   1324d ago
I'm glad you all enjoyed it. :)
Psycho_Mantis  +   1324d ago
Wow, that was a great interview! Thanks for doing it! Psycho Mantis is my all time faveriot charaector in MGS. I had such an emotional connection to him when he died... :(

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