Collecting More Than Their Fair Share of Dust…Underrated and Forgotten Games

A look back at some of the most underrated games and franchises of the current and older generations of videogames.

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kube002452d ago

Too bad we won't ever see another Conker game

distorted_reality2452d ago

Shadow of The Colossus isn't underrated or forgotten at all.

PandaJenkins2451d ago

Was going to say this too. It is far from it. Didn't actually play a lot of the games on this list which kinda makes them seem very valid. However Beyond good and evil and Blue Dragon which I have truly deserve to be. Hope lots more people play BG&E with its new HD release. The price tag is so worth it.

ASSASSYN 36o2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Best FPS game Ever made)

Steel Battalion Line of Contact (Greatest mech game ever)

No FanS Land2451d ago

too bad demon's souls is headed this way with the release of dark souls. :(

but shadow of the colossus? Seriously?
I would have understood if it was Ico, but SOTC is quite among every respectable gamer.

It would be nice if some developer had the balls to make a new game worthy of conker's bad fur day.