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Tomb Raider Trilogy PS2/PS3 HD Comparison Screens Look Marvelous

Nicely done, Crystal Dynamics. It looks as if the Tomb Raider HD trilogy is lookin' good. If there's one thing the world needs, it's more Lara Croft in HD. (PS2, PS3, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Tomb Raider: Anniversary)

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CrzyFooL  +   1724d ago
imvix  +   1724d ago
Should include HD comparison with the PC version as well, plus PC version even offers mods. Lastly there is no gaurantee current remake bought on PS3 will work on the next box. A purchase on the PC pretty much gaurantees a long life for the purchase.
plb  +   1724d ago
Steam just had them all on sale last week too. I should have picked up the guardian of light or whatever it's called. It was $7. Never finished it on my 360 before it broke. =\
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imvix  +   1724d ago
Friend of mine picked up Tombraider underworld just for 7 usd too, IMO thats the real HD version running beyond 1080p the PS3 version of underworld is barely 720p, textures on PC are far superior too.
Ranshak  +   1724d ago
Tombraider with mods = win.
I_find_it_funny  +   1724d ago
PC is only forever compatibile only in theory, I got many games that won't work on Win7 and modern GPU
morganfell  +   1724d ago
^^^Agreed. I really miss System Shock 2. One of the best games ever. Especially with the hi res mod pack but I can't get it to run. Same with Bladerunner.

On a better note, I have Nocturne running smoothly with only some menu lag on Win7 64 bit.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1724d ago
Impressive anti-PS3 trolling sir.

Unfortunately I was able to see through it. Maybe next time(?)
Darkfocus  +   1724d ago
system shock 2 will run you just need to jump through some hoops first and pretty much any older game works in D3Dwindower if you set it to the right direct x version regardless of your hardware.
reynod  +   1724d ago

How many PS2 games can you play on the PS3 slim? thats right none.

There might be that odd old game that you cant play on the PC however, as off now there are even emulators to play old dos titles. Hence PC is the platform with ultimate BC, no 2 opinions there.
I_find_it_funny  +   1724d ago
@morganfell , yes System Shock, I also can't play Beyond Good and Evil, lots of glitches, unplayable, and what's weird SC:Chaos Theory

@reynod , you knwo on PC is technical issue, you need to do plenty tricks, slow down you CPU, use emulators, mess with DirectX, etc, end these days is worse and worse, when there are so many PC configurations, some trocks work only for some.
On consoles is just company's decision, it CAN be played, and you know what? I have my PS2, I can play my games, but I have NO intention on keeping second, old PC with Windos 98
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Ranshak  +   1724d ago

Check out this link


Beyond good and evil runs fine for most. Sometimes settings may need to be tweaked.

You dont need a PC with windows 98, most games run fine.

On console its also Companies decision not to allow you to play(and charge you for remakes), so you are pretty much limited to their choice. I dont think everyone will be having a PS2 laying around and what when PS4 is out, will people be having 2,3 & 4 good luck with that.
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MeanOldman  +   1723d ago
reynod dude is your foot in your mouth? if you read these forums you know morgs one of the dudes like me thats got a 60gb ps3. that means he plays all ps2 games. thats better bc than your pc. yeah thas a rhyme.
reynod  +   1723d ago

Are you retarded? do u actually expect people to remember if you and someone else on this forum out of the thousands actually has a fat PS3.

Even if you do its going to die at some point, I have 3 friends who have had their fat PS3's Die over the last 10-12months. All of them were launch models. Hardware inevitabally dies. Good luck with the BC when you replace with a slim model.
ANIALATOR136  +   1723d ago
@I_find_it_funny there is always a way
iamtehpwn  +   1724d ago
Just imagine how much more crisp Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 would look with an HD mix.
George Sears  +   1724d ago
Check out the PCSX2 for PC. You will love how crisp and such better AA the game has.
Ranshak  +   1724d ago
PCSX2 is awesome, i tried running GOW 1 and GOW 2 on PC in 1080p runs great ;-) Anyone looking for PS2 BC should give it a try. Dual core overclocked between 3-3.5ghz should handle it fine.
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iamtehpwn  +   1723d ago
@George. I've already played FFX and KH2 in HD on PCSX2. But a PS3 HD port often has updated textures, effects, and geometry.
ZFGokuSSJ1  +   1724d ago
So are her boobs HD?
Raendom  +   1724d ago
Looks like they added a few polygons to her nipples in this screenshot: http://www.ripten.com/wp-co...
Reddeaddestroyer2   1724d ago | Spam
CrzyFooL  +   1724d ago
omg ur right. <3 Crystal Boobnamics!!
guitarded77  +   1724d ago
Perkier too.
INehalemEXI  +   1723d ago
kasasensei  +   1724d ago
Nothing amazing, just a decent port. At least it's better than PoP.
Kamikaze135  +   1724d ago
Definitely....the PoP port was horrible.
Kon  +   1724d ago
I'm have a strange feeling that in some images the PS2 version looks better.

Oops, i forgot that i'm on N4G. I can't have a different opinion, sorry guys.
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jammydude  +   1724d ago
trolling or blind?
Infernostew  +   1724d ago
You forgot to take your fanboy goggles off, that's why.
ScentlessApprentice7  +   1724d ago
You're excused Kon.
But don't go crying to daddy just yet about how you can't get no friends on N4G. Remember: you are entitled to an opinion, just not a uneducated opinion, which with you seems to be a native thing.

Finally down to one bubble again? Good. Stay there.
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ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1724d ago
see this what I'm talking about, the three of you and many other Sony loyalists on this have the brain of fishes because they tend to forget in seconds who's not a troll/fanboy and who isn't.

Kon generally supports the PS3 but in this case he said something which sounds negative (to the loyalists) so they immediately attack him by calling him a fanboy or troll.

You people help seriously.
XI_-Minty-_IX  +   1724d ago
"Kon generally supports the PS3 but in this case he said something which sounds negative (to the loyalists) so they immediately attack him by calling him a fanboy or troll."


No he doesn't. He does not own one in the first place.

Kazu0 Hirai  +   1724d ago
i agree kon, the ps3 remake really doesnt look any better. in fact, the first pic i looked at i thought the one on the left was the HD remake, until i looked at the bottom and saw it was the ps2 version and my jaw dropped. very poor graphics in the remake.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1724d ago
I agree
people need to stop disagreeing.. the truth is the truth, what Kazu0 Hirai said is the truth theres not much difference.. people disagreeing need to actually click the link and look at the pics and not be a blind fanboy..
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mastiffchild  +   1723d ago
Which I did. while the difference isn't day and night it's still obvious the PS3 screens are a good deal better than the PS2 ones and I find it hard to think anyone would think otherwise-the PS2 shots are murky and blurry by comparison and there seems a lot of work went into the textures to upgrade more than pure res.

Nothing to do with fanboyism, unless you're a CD fanboy, as it's the quality of the port and not the PS3 that's important here. It's lain to me that the remake screens are just a good step up from the originals.
hazbaz  +   1724d ago
So...if he said fire is cold, we should agree with him because it's his opinion and if we disagreed we would be what...ice loyalists?

Some people do need help, seriously.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1724d ago
I didn't say that you, I don't agree with him but the idiots calling him a fanboy are the ones my comment was aimed at, you fail at reading comprehension. The fact that some dumbasses agreed with you shows the level of intelligence you Sony loyalists have.

This site is over run by Sony worshiping slaves and this site is hated by so many other sites and forums. I think it's about time the mods did something about it.

It's time for mass account banning.

@XI_-Minty-_IX: You need to learn how to 'READ' someones comment history.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1723d ago

If you are so damn sick of N4G go get your news in other forums. No one is asking for you to be here but somehow you believe mods should ban what you said yourself to be the majority of people here just to make your minority happy... Self entitled much?
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smashman98  +   1723d ago
lol did u compare that to what he thinks look better wow ur comparison fail
this is more like ur wife asking should i get this dress or this dress
OllieBoy  +   1724d ago
That feeling you have is that of a troll.
stu888  +   1723d ago
your right mate, you can't give your opinion - bit of a joke really. I hear where your coming from!
check this one out:

the texture of the table thing underneath the artifact (the scion) looks les res than the PS2 one. That's a fact. Having said that overall they do look better! especially the Legend ones. I own this on PC, and have a PS3. If you think I'm trolling, suck 'em.
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smashman98  +   1723d ago
lol i feel bad for you kon when ever i see one of your comments its always getting viciously torn apart no mater what it is that you said. I remember one comment you said killzone 3 was pretty good but you enjoyed bulletstorm more or something like that and people just weren't having that. Just stay strong kon, stay strong
DaTruth  +   1723d ago
Maybe they don't like Bulletstorm more, thus they disagree!

man 1: I think Bulletstorm is a great game!

Man 2: I disagree, I didn't like Bulletstorm!

You guys seem to be the ones who have a problem with people disagreeing with you. A majority of the people in the world like Killzone 3 more than Bulletstorm, so it only stands to reason that a majority of people on N4G would feel the same and disagree with him!
smashman98  +   1723d ago
no i dont have a problem with people disagreeing i wasnt talking about disagrees at all so let me tell you da truth (haha)

i was talking about how people attack him and call him a troll and then continue to bubble vote him down when in fact he isnt trolling

You know what the say if u assume u make an ass out of u and me, so dont assume :)
Marceles  +   1723d ago
It's OK..some people love bloom and sub HD resolution and textures
ninjagoat  +   1724d ago
Ill be buying it ;)
yaz288  +   1724d ago
will at least its look HD not like splinter cell , fuck you obi soft
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1723d ago
Uh-Oh. Are you saying that Ubi-Soft fcuked my "HD Splinter Cell Trilogy"?!! Please don't say so.
yaz288  +   1722d ago
there you go man


again fuck you obi soft
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seraphcaeli  +   1724d ago
You can REALLY see the difference in the screen with the T-REX. http://www.ripten.com/wp-co...

Look at his teeth, his body and the textures in the environment. They did a LOT of work on this port.
gypsygib  +   1724d ago
I'm sure it does look better but those tiny screens don't really demonstrate that.
BLAKHOODe  +   1724d ago
Looking sharp! My interest in this game just increased from ZERO to about a 2. Not a day one purchase, but I might check it out when it gets cheap.
hiredhelp  +   1724d ago
SH*T that the ps2 dam still looks good. i kinda want to say the ps2 looks good but i cant can i. oh hell yeh baby ps2 better. i own a ps3
RyuCloudStrife  +   1724d ago
I swear
Im not trolling but somehow i dont see much difference pretty much look the same or even a lil darker... and in this one i think the ps2 looks better...

it looks much vivid (the character..)

EDIT: look at the hair and body.. ps2 looks better.. its wierd lol

Related image(s)
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hazbaz  +   1724d ago
Yeah. Lets concentrate on this "picture" (which I think it's just a motion blur at work) and forget about the rest. Like this for example...

Related image(s)
Raider69  +   1724d ago
Take for exemp. picture nr 5,the tomb textures are more pronounce on the PS2 version than the one on the PS3 that look much muddle!
Raider69  +   1724d ago
Its only AA and higher resolution!The textures are the same!If you played the Ps2 the 360 or the PC version theres nothing new to see,aside from the trophys!At this price tag is a no go for me!
Wolfie  +   1724d ago
Tomb Raider Legend looks like Xbox 360 and PC versions but Anniversary looks stunning on PS3! Much better than PC and Xbox 360 versions.
SilverSlug  +   1723d ago
Some of the textures are improved a bit. Look at the shirt on Laura in the first picture or her bag in some of the others.
MadMax  +   1724d ago
Wait a minute, trilogy and the other one were already done in HD on the 360. These will be pretty much ports i take it?
seraphcaeli  +   1724d ago
think so.
CrIpPeN  +   1724d ago
not a huge different but it sure looks better. But I got Legend and anniversary on PC anyway.
sway__z  +   1724d ago
What's with all the PC peddlers comparing against PS3 all the time?

Can't these mouse wigglers see the PC will always have the advantage as an ever evolutionary platform??

I think PC fanboys are the worst of all loool
SilverSlug  +   1723d ago
Pretty much worse fanboys ever. I guess they have to wait for a good game worth playing to be released on their 1,200 dollar PC.
smashman98  +   1723d ago
well u gotta be honest when they get a multiplat game (not even as often as the wii now) it really does look sooo much better and they get to play it for 10 dollars cheaper than the rest of us.

But to PC gamers we know ur PC is awesome but when u come on saying things like doesnt look as good as this on PC in 12342554538p x 12312311p

it just makes you look bitter
blakstarz  +   1724d ago
Look nice....you can see the detail popping out of the screenshots especially the mountain screenshot.
Why is it that whenever a console game is discussed, people gotta pull the PC out of their ass. I think everyone knows by now the PC will always have the advantage, but that is nothing new so stop sounding like a broken record.
sway__z  +   1724d ago
Dear God, you admit PC will always have advantage over console, and ppl still disagree. Proves my point...PC gamers are bigger fanboys than console fanboys.

360 and PS3 owners should unite against PC tyranny...oh wait, 360 owners are the PC's closest cousins lol
ScubaSteve1  +   1724d ago
to bad underworld sucked
Orionsangel  +   1724d ago
It looks a little sharper like you just got new glasses.
TwistedMetal  +   1724d ago
tomb raiders with mods is stupid. tomb raider is sp and should be played how it was created. any mods in this game would be retarded. with that said ill take this compilation because i know it will work and it will feel like old times using a ps3 controller on a tv on my couch rather then a keyboard and mouse on a computer screen.
Orionsangel  +   1724d ago
I'm a PC and Console gamer and I've run games at full specs and in my honest opinion. Yes the PC version looks better if you have a maxed out rig, but the difference is not as dramatic as it used to be, say ten or more years ago. When it was console games on standard def tube sets vs CRT and LCD monitors on PC games, but when HDTVs came out. It changed the game and now it's not that big a deal for me whether I have the PC or console version. Where back in the day I was jealous of my friends who had the PC version.
#22 (Edited 1724d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
earbus  +   1724d ago
Been there done that meh remakes die a 1,000 deaths please.
distorted_reality  +   1724d ago
You know it's a slow news day when the top story is "PS3 game looks better than PS2 game".

Thanks for the scoop.
Michael-Jackson  +   1724d ago
It's not much better, A bit vivid and shinier from those LOW res scans. I'll wait for higher res or gameplay, it might look better in motion.
coojo  +   1724d ago
looks like shit.
Pho3niXnz  +   1724d ago
The only thing I am interested in on the PS3 is all of these HD remakes, I wish Xbox 360 had the PoP Trilogy and the Tomb Raider ones!
nevin1  +   1723d ago
Im sorry but I agree with comment from the link as this doesn't look remotely impressive. I actually was debating which looked better and i leaned towards the PS2 version.

here's the quote

"This looks far far far from amazing. In fact, it still looks very much like a ps2 game."

You ppl are just buying trophies. My BC PS3 does a good job displaying PS1/PS2 games in HD just fine. Im sorry but im not seeing the effort.
Masterchef2007  +   1723d ago
Never really played any tomb raider games (but i did spend hours screwing around with the farting butler). From what i have seen they seem to be doing a good job with the collection.
MeNoRasta  +   1723d ago
There's not much of a difference except now i can see the stitches on her top.
Its still a good game tho.
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