Bleszinski: “Kinect is a good thing” and expects hybrid model

From the article: "A Dutch gamer website had an interesting interview with Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and creator of Gears of War (among other titles). And Adrian Chmielarz, founder of People Can Fly, a company that was recently acquired by Epic Games. In this interview, he gave his vision on Kinect and talks about Gears of War Exile and asks hardcore gamers why they feel threatened by Kinect? Checkout the interesting Kinect part of the interview after the break! And yes, we translated it for you, enjoy!"

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Kalowest2664d ago

Nice interview, i want to see GeoW Exile.

Warprincess1162664d ago

Can you even create a good game with Kinect. It doesn't have buttons.

kaveti66162664d ago

hybrid games that use a controller for movement and kinect for hand gesture commands are a possibility.

2664d ago
MintBerryCrunch2664d ago

looking forward to this guy playing with kinect at E3 /s

"one less f-ing controller on the coffee table"

one big ass camera in front of the tv

you sacrifice one for the other

dragonyght2664d ago

@MintBerryCrunch lol doesn't he have to move the coffee table to play connect

Active Reload2664d ago

Mintberry, he said "coffee table" and I think Kinect can sit on top of the tv.

BLAKHOODe2664d ago

Could you yourself create a game like Gears Of War? Or a movie like Avatar? Or maybe one of those fancy meals of virtually nothing that sell for hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant?

Give those with a creative mind props, because year after year, in video games, in movies, and in many other ways, they blow our minds with things us normal folk would otherwise think impossible.

Bigpappy2663d ago

@Active Reload: I am going to correct you this one time. Kinect does not have to see your whole body to work. You can use it while sitting at your computer. It all depends on the game and how they want you to use Kinect.

Active Reload2663d ago

^^^What does your comment have to do with mine?

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Lyr1c2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

"Hi, my names Cliff Belszinski and I'm a Troll Hunter!"

Next WoW commercial.

I'll bet anyone $5.

ps3bestever2664d ago

Shut Up Bleszinski, Please

LordMarius2664d ago

N4G stop giving this douche attention

stuntman_mike2664d ago

Totally agree he just comes across as a media whore.

btk2664d ago

Good grief - can you still not get it.

There is no problem with a 3d camera type setup - or a surface controller - or a kb+mouse - or a wand controller - or a steering wheel. It is about what really works well.

The camera setup and combinations of controllers will work - but the camera bit has to up the specs and responsiveness. As it is is is too low res and too laggy. Move works great in a golf game, table tennis etc. The clowns pretending that Kinect table tennis is soooo great, and that they don't really mind the half second lag must start realizing that the market is taking a step backward. Kinect v2 will be better - because it will most likely be 1920x1080x120fps specs, with lots of processing on the device with little lag. At the moment [email protected] is a joke.

Feeling threatened? No - insulted as a gamer - yes. Just how stupid do they think we are? 10 Dancing games and still more to come. They would make Halo but don't plan to. There will be "great" things coming soon round yonder mountain any time now... Come on damn it. Who the hell in their right minds play a racing game like Joyride?

Lift the damn specs, get a wand with buttons, get the lag sorted out and the "hard core" will applaud. Do the smoke and mirrors stunt with Bieber, Oprah and 500M marketing when we can read the specs is just damn insulting.

To the 8m sods who fell for this marketing hype... too bad. For Kinect to become a serious piece of kit, it needs some serious increase in specs. Even for a simple pew-pew game. And that is a fact.

Apocalypse Shadow2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

the problem is not that core gamers are threatened by's that microsoft and "cliffy" HAVEN'T made anything worth playing on the device for core gamers.but lie and say games like dance central or gunstringer are for core gamers.

the excuse of "wait for E3" or "wait until fill in the blank" doesn't cut came out last year and the device was announced almost 2 years ago.if i were announcing something,i would have gotten namco to do a BREAKDOWN REMAKE from xbox1 for kinect...

and i would have gotten EA to announce a special version of MIRROR'S EDGE for kinect...

and as everyone knows i'm not exactly a 360 fan.but i have and liked the xbox before the gamer price gouging.

sixaxis made sense and was fun in heavenly sword and folklore,high velocity bowling,etc.

dualshock and other controllers made sense for core games.wheels made sense for racing.guns for shooting games like time crisis and house of the dead.

Move makes sense for multiple games and multiple hasn't made any core games yet that make sense.and the games like gunstringer aren't proving it even if not made by microsoft.

get some exclusives that prove its WORTH.not virtual cat licking.

lowcarb2664d ago

I agree with you and hope they are reading your comment on BreakDown. Goodness MS freaking listen to your fans for once.

DelbertGrady2664d ago

I agree too. There's not a single Kinect game that would made me buy one, or that's remotely impressive. What they showed at GDC was embarrassing.

The_Ultimate_Guy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

You clowns seem to ignore the core games that have been announce such as Steel Battalion, UFC personal Trainer, Child of Eden, Rise of Nightmares, Project Draco, Kinect Haunt, Star Wars, Codename D and many more.

I would say Motion Sports for Kinect is for the Core Audience. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 (if your a Harry Poter fan). Naturally the launch games are not going to be the best games out, but give the developers some time with the hardware. Regardless of what you think, I think that the PS3's launch titles were crap. Not too mention there was only about 2-3 memorable games on the PS3 as well as the 360's launch.

Stop being so negative and use some common sense. kinect has only been on the Market for just 5 months now. Sure there may not be a lot of core games, but take a step back and look at the line up so far. There are about 20 games right now for Kinect which is a hell of a lot more than the library of launch titles when the PS3 was released.

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