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Sony Move Creator Richard Marks on the Future of Motion Control (But He Doesn’t Call it That)

So, is it a fad?

Richard Marks, who created the Sony Move, said no we’ve just gotten started.

“I don’t call it motion-control, even though Sony does. We are adding a level of finesse to gaming that hasn’t been there before. By calling it motion-control, it’s selling it short,” he said. (Playstation Move, PS3, Richard Marks)

NAGNEWS  +   1544d ago
Nextgen maybe?
Xfanboy  +   1544d ago
let us hope not! I rather use a controller for most games.

@BELOW yeah so is this.. at least This has 2 joy sticks plus buttons! That makes more sense!
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NAGNEWS  +   1544d ago
but i really hope they change the nextgen PScontroller design, a little softer would be awesome
deerain  +   1544d ago
Lets hope we get a choice of either cos i cant stand the DS controller for fps but it is good for other games
Lamarthedancer  +   1544d ago
I Hope not. I like the PS Move but I don't want it to become the main thing and selling point of the PS4, same goes for Kinect and the next Xbox.

I don't see why people who love the normal controller and are real gamers have to move on and be forced into motion controll just because Sony/Microsoft want gameing to become more Mainstream
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nalyd-nolat   1544d ago | Spam
Lamarthedancer  +   1544d ago
"The traditional controller is intimidating, so this is addressing that audience, but it is also addressing the same core gaming audience"

How is it intimidating...it isn't a knife wielding hoodie.

Motion control will never take over the controler, it's not broken so why try and fix it and try to find new ways to move on from it.
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Kon  +   1544d ago
I agree with you. For the, the traditional controller is my first option when playing any game. Motion controllers are just an distant option.

I think casual gamers benefit more from this whole motion controller gaming. Even if move has some hardcore titles to play, like Killzone 3, i think the "hardcore" gamer will choose the normal controller.

Maybe, after some time, this reality will change. But i don't see this happening soon.
deerain  +   1544d ago
I like to consider myself as a hardcore gamer and I prefer the move on killzone 3, I came from a PC gaming background and I find the controllers very inaccurate for these games.

I for one will play all fps with the move given the choice
gypsygib  +   1544d ago
For Killzone 3 the Move is much harder to learn how to control so casuals would probably prefer a standard controller. The learning curve is high but once you get it down, it's far superior because of the accuracy and the movement is the same.

In a sense, Move is more hardcore for FPS games - harder to learn, better to play with.
Blad3star  +   1544d ago
"How is it intimidating...it isn't a knife wielding hoodie."

Play Killzone or Halo one day and give the controller to your mom or some one who is not used to playing video games and I can guarantee you that they will be looking down or up stuck in one corner : )

I tried to get my GF into Gears and took the time to explain to her what every button does only to have her give up and ask me if we can play Mario and what happened to the old A and B controller days.

When I first played Halo CE i was a little intimated with the two analog sticks, so I can see where some one who is not use to playing video would not want to play games that consist of 8 buttons.
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gypsygib  +   1543d ago
Lol, my GF can't play FPS shooters, she often just spins around looking strait up or down. She plays her brothers old 360 60 gig (he got a PS3 and didn't really go back) and loves the Fable series, it seems it's the only game she can complete.
Seferoth75  +   1544d ago
Some games just arent possible with such a limited control scheme that is offered by controllers. As games advance controllers will have to improve in some way.

Let's not forget one the first controllers was 1 button and a up and down switch some didnt even offer a button at all. It took time to get to the controllers we have today. Same thing will need to happen for motion controllers.
Mr Tretton  +   1544d ago
Move severly needs compelling exclusive software, not this tack on to shooters nonsense. I'm disappointed and unimpressed with Move so far.
deerain  +   1544d ago
Your right in that they need to make more games that use the move in betters ways, but I will have to disagree with shooters.
I think it should be implemented in shooters as an alternative control method it works well just like it should be implemented in RTS games as an alternative control, whats wrong with that ?
GodofSackboy  +   1544d ago
Why can't they tack it onto shooters? Why is that a bad thing?
Mr Tretton  +   1544d ago
My point is, that's the only thing driving it right now, which is what I'm not interested in. If I wanted an alternative to traditional console gaming it would be key and mouse support. (or Nav + a Sony made PS3 mouse.)

I'm only interested in games born out of the concept rather than the concept just being added to tradition. I personally just do not like playing shooters with motion gadgets.
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hellzsupernova  +   1544d ago
im pretty keen to see where they go with move hopefully they do spawn some epic titles but i cannot see that happening as the install base isnt really there. like with kinect EVERY xbox comes with one now i cannot buy a new 360 without getting kinect which is a smart move by microsoft gives them very high sale numbers and it gives people the opportunity to play it.
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Mr Tretton  +   1544d ago
"like with kinect EVERY xbox comes with one now i cannot buy a new 360 without getting kinect"

That's just not true.
Stationfan  +   1544d ago
Check out this custom sharpshooter cammo, i'm going to have to make this a weekened project, i hope i pull it off especially the mgs psp camo style.

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zootang  +   1544d ago
I want!
Stationfan  +   1544d ago
Yeah me too, i'm going to try to make one for myself, thinking maybe black digital so it go better aesthetically with move,

Get on youtube and put in best digital camo guide, they make it seem pretty easy, of course trial and error.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1544d ago
The PS4 should come packed with:
1x DualShock 4
1x PlayStation Eye 3 (more advanced than Kinect)
1x Power cord
1x USB charging cable
1x PS4

That's it! no need for a PS-Move controller because people with big families would have to buy 3 extra DS4's, 3 extra PS-Moves and then on top that 3 extra PS-navigators. Buying 3 extra DS4's is ok but then on top of that buying more Moves and Navs will just clutter your house up.

I mean seriously one really advanced camera coupled with 1 or 4 DS4's will do the trick.
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deerain  +   1544d ago
Hummmm, ok so I don't know about anybody else but I am the only one that plays on my PS3 and if anybody else did surly I wouldn't be able to play on it.... because like they are playing on it :)
If you have a family playing games with you, you would have a Wii :D
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1544d ago
"If you have a family playing games with you, you would have a Wii"

That makes absolutely no sense. Ever herd of a FOUR PLAYER GAME? Oh yeah that's right you're lonely and you play on your own.

You know you can play games like R&C with family members sitting around you, there;s something called 'SHARING'. If you don't have a big family then don't comment.

I do have 4 player games like Sega All stars racing, but when it comes to single player games like R&C I'll give my little sisters a go, and when it comes to games like Uncharted or Resistance I share it with my brothers.

No one in my family likes the Wii by the way.
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deerain  +   1544d ago
lol i think you need to calm down and stop SHOUTING
AhmadCentral  +   1544d ago
I love this guy, i remember back in 2002/2003 when he did that public demo of the first prototype of Playstation Move, it was the black controller with a coloured ball on top. I remember him showing it off to the camera and being really excited and interested in it. Thank god for Sony finally seeing something in it and letting Dr Marks redesign and release it as the PlayStation Move last year. I could see it would be a success back then.

Can't wait to see what he does for Motion Control in the future!
xstation79  +   1544d ago
playstation move will probably be dead in another year

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