Angry Joe: Sonic Free Riders Review

Angry Joe: God make it stop! Sonic Free Riders has been my hands down WORST gaming experience since I started the AngryJoeShow. Never in my life has a game made me feel more sick, irritated, and downright annoyed than Sonic Free Riders.

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mcmmaster2813d ago

INCREDIBLY OLD, why on earth are people approving this, I remember watching this back in November

Michael-Jackson2813d ago

Here's the people who approved this:

Yes_2 (1) | 2h ago
BIoodmask (5) | 1h ago
kevco33 (4) | 2h ago

1 approve from BIoodmask = 5...

Kran2813d ago

HUGELY OLD. Way back to november.

However, I did laugh so hard in the review ;) Angry Joe is a great reviewer. He's so much more funnier than Jim Sterling and less of a dick.

phosphor1122813d ago

Angry Joe is stupid. First of all, he thinks he's hot sh*t. Second of all, his "reviews" are b-grade. He can never properly talk about what makes the game he's reviewing good or bad. He will just say "The game is fun" and not tell what makes it fun.

I can go on and on...

nikrel2813d ago

I love this guy, he cracks me up.

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