Top Ten Videogame Industry Insults

Times, they are a-changing. Every so often videogames companies will make judgements that at the time seemed like a sensible decision, but down the line are clearly based on unreasonable processes or unfounded assumptions. There are many times in which the decisions of a developer or publisher will baffle their audience, but there are also those which affect the whole industry to a much greater extent.

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BlueEye2571d ago

Trannie as the picture, STRANGER DANGER!

BlueEye2571d ago

Not at all boy. Simply expressing the danger that a ton of guys are gonna be clicking the article cause of the picture, but its actually a trannie, so STRANGER DANGER!

MaxXAttaxX2570d ago

Way to come to conclusions.

CoLD FiRE2571d ago

It has boobies and that's what matters!

Organization XII2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

*Going somewhere, have to do something* will be back.

Oh its a tarp!!

raiden-492571d ago

wow they think that PS3 (with a game and controller)cost alot mine cost 640€....Still broke ,cost 300€ for the new one with move.

ultimate-remag2571d ago

hmm i guess rrod wasnt an insult 2 us gamers?? ps3 launch price was but 360 rrod was also 1... kinda biased list

MaxXAttaxX2570d ago

Yeah, they talk about the PS3's price on #4 and continue on #3 as well.
But yeah 54% failure rate, being more than half of 360s, wasn't an issue?