BioShock before Big Daddies, Splicers and moral dilemna

BioShock was one of the most anticipated titles of 2007, and rightfully so -- the blend of briskly paced action and emotionally engaging story redefined the FPS genre and attracted many players that had never played shooters before. Little do most casual fans know that BioShock once had nothing to do with Big Daddies, Little Sisters or even an underwater metropolis.

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Dannagar4096d ago

Maybe they can recycle some of those Ideas for BioShock 2.

Nth RooCH4096d ago

Interesting find Bloodmask.

TheMART4096d ago

Nice one! Also read about the Nazi island they dumped and then got Rapture under water.

MS saw the potential and got it console exclusive on the 360.

AAA list:

August: Bioshock
September: Halo 3
Oktober: PGR4
November/December: Mass Effect

Saint Sony4096d ago

AAA every month from now on, that would be great.

marionz4096d ago

the developers have left in some of the worst glitches ive seen in my life

texture pop up being the worst, but then theres the subtitles that play out of time, the audio diary glitches, leveling up with camera doesnt allways play sound, ive had fog effects with lines through it when loading a game, little sisters being where they shouldnt and also not going into a hole after ive hypnotised a big daddie, i could go on and on

bioshock is great but its collecting dust now, i still need one achievement too, but ill wait till 2k finally make a patch that addresses these issues without making the game almost UNPLAYABLE!

pretty game yes
great ideas yes

id dot entity4096d ago

BioShock... awesome game. Haven't finished it yet because of the CoD4 beta and work but I intend to do so before Mass Effect is released.

About the nazi theme: I wonder how it looked. But I'm glad they came up with a much more original theme.

Sayai jin4096d ago

Good read for an excellent game. I am gald they came up with something original than the Nazi theme. I am close to finishing the game, but I will mostl likely play it on the hard level later.

Does anyone know why it says Xbox Live on the cover? I was thinking for additional content, like expansio packs.

To put it shortly, Bioshock illustrates very well why gaming is so fun.

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