EA Japan Confirmed Crysis 2 DLC

Crysis 2 DLC "Coming Soon": On an website from EA Japan for Crysis 2, there is a button for downloadable content.

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evrfighter2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


day one!

I'm gonna pre-order 2 for my pc's and 1 for my 360 and ps3 as well! can't wait it's just $10 bucks right?! that's just lunch for each game.

So if I skip a weeks worth of lunch and cut back on gas I'll be able to keep my copies up to date! OH Wait! there's also all those other DLC packs that's just 10 bucks /nerdgasm!

If I add it all up I won't ever think about the beastly pc I could have built oh no.


imvix2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Its sad the trend current consoles have established in the market. Never had such crap when PC was the only online platform.

No wonder developers turn to dumping games down and taking away mod support, sell DLC day one is a win win for them. Console gamers only support this movement because they have no idea the same DLC maps they pay for, once used to be free via mods.

nickjkl2816d ago

EXCEPT ps2 also had online capability


Access the internet for 24 hour multiplayer games and play with people all over the country.

im sick of pc guys always coming out of nowhere with its because of consoles its as if developers have no say in the matter

gpu not being pushed the way you want
limit on number of players in game
dedicated servers
anything having a change to waht your used to

the only thing they say is lol consoles

how about you start getting on the DEVELOPERS assess for not makeing the game how you think it should be made and not because lol consoles like some idiot form 4 chan

Ducky2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

^ The developpers (or rather publishers, since they're the penny squeezing blokes) will abuse the user-base if the user-base allows it.

Case in point: CoD
If a large group of consumers support a defective product, then a publisher will just keep the factory rolling.

Same applies to DLC. With the advent of the current-gen consoles and online becoming a big part, devs started supporting their games with DLC. Perhaps the initial intention was benign, but it was quickly jumped on as a way to make more money.

The console user-base supported them (whereas the PC users were against it because they're used to the community creating new content for free.) hence why the elitists blame the console users. Although that's mostly because games with DLC usually remove mod-tools in order to get people to buy the DLC... though there's still PC players that end up supporting games with paid-DLC. So no-one's hands are perfectly clean.

I'm perfectly happy if Crysis2 still allows for custom maps/mods. =)

WhiteNoise2816d ago

^ always I will give you a bubble, but you troll so good it never works, high five!

Crysis 2 is going to be a POS. 'Press Start' + 55FOV + DX9 only launch + DLC confirmed before launch= EPIC FAIL.

Tachyon_Nova2815d ago

Lol, killzone 3 says press start, has a 55 fov, only uses dx9 equivalent and had DLC confirmed before release.

Just think about that for a second

Xfanboy2816d ago

better not be guns!!

More maps & story will do!

plb2816d ago

All I have to say is "Press start to begin"

BF3 please

Shinuz2816d ago

Oh How the mighty have fallen

Shadowgate2815d ago

i like dlc keep it coming