Next-gen console war: The verdict

Using Screen Digest data, Nick Parker delivers his verdict on the future of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's console.

At Leipzig, SCEE announced a series of exciting technological enhancements to PS# and PSP. They are no doubt crucial to long term cross platform consumption and broad media supply for both devices. However, the industry reaction was luke warm because what the industry needs now is games, games, and more games.

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nasim4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

BUT the analyst doesnt take into account that a 399$ ps3 might be launched this year.

so 7.7 m by 2007 (without 399$ ps3)

perhaps 10 m ps3 by 2007 (with 399$ ps3 and the 80gig reduced to 499$)

360 is already dead in both JAPAN and EU.

COD 4 would be released only on ps3 in JAPAN.

x360 is finished. wii has already overtaken it.

It will comne down to wii vs ps3 in the long run.

However i expect the ps3 to reach 100 m consumers by 2010

WORLD: INSTALLED BASE BY PLATFORM...................... .

............................. .....2007............2009...... .....2011..
Sony Playstation 2.......112.6m.........119.9m. .......121.4m
Sony Playstation 3.......7.7m............38.7m. .........67.5m
Nintendo Wii................17.1m...... .....41.9m..........59.4m
Microsoft Xbox 360......13.9m...........26.8m ..........36.4m
Nintendo DS ...............60.5m.......... .99.3m..........142.9m
Sony PSP ...................29.8m...... .....51.7m..........74.1m

sticky doja4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

100mil ps3's by 2010? Your pretty good at pullin numbers out of your @ss. Maybe you could pull me out a winning lotto ticket?

SonySoldiers4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Nothing can stop Japanese perfect science, even a couple of atomic bombs have failed to destroy it.

Only retarded cowboys disbelieve it.

borgome4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Nothing can stop North America's perfect science, even a couple of comercial airliners have failed to destroy it.

Only retarded ninja's disbelieve it.

masterg4089d ago

@sticky doja

You and the people who agreed with you need to work on your math.
It's not bad it's awful.

sticky doja4089d ago

I was referring to nasim when he said "However i expect the ps3 to reach 100 m consumers by 2010" not the article itself. Maybe YOU should work on your reading or cognitive skills.

Relientk774089d ago

1.2 and 1.3 comments


M_Prime4089d ago

wow those numbers are BIASED.. no computer generated graph would look like that (number wise) and no self respecting analyst would put the PS3 on top at the rate it is going now..

PS3 predicted to OUTSELL the WII by almost 10MIL!.. they are already a few mill behind.. The only way that would happen is if WII is discontinued.. I mean i think PS3 will be around longer then the WII.. sure (i still play my NES!) and Nintendo will have something new up their sleeve and so will MS that is if they continue making consoles..

i mean sure u can find teh WII on store shelves now.. (sometimes) but its still selling pretty good compared to the PS3

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Bloodmask4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

always base their predictions off of past history. Before Playstation Nintendo and Sega ruled the console front.

This time around it looks like Microsoft is getting the games support. Just like Sony used to. With most 3rd party games defecting from the Sony camp. As well as 360 getting the better versions of the majority of 3rd party games.

The way it looks right now 360 is leading as far as price and games catalogue is concerned.

Danny Dan4089d ago

Yes, but the playstation brand plus a $400 dollar console will ride Sony through this Christmas lovely...

And no matter how anyone puts it. 2008 is Sony's year. Period.

Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Final Fantasy 13, and Grand Turismo 5... are ALL system sellers. Thats 5 system movers in ONE year... The PS3 will catch up rapidly in this war.

BTW DS to end up with 150 Million?! What! Thats crazy, but I do think those numbers are way too optimistic for the handhelds. 150M DS and 71M for PSP is way too much... IF it does end up happening this way. Sony took a big chunk out of Nintendo's market. Sony's PSP took a lot of ground from DS, even if most people think the PSP is a failure (Which clearly is not).

SonySoldiers4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

The new 40GB Playstation 3 will blow cowboys consoles (XCOW 360s) out of market by next year!

PS3 is a bit pricey because of superb tech created by Japanese experts.

Lumbo4089d ago

Yes why of course they do, Bloodmask. That is what analysis and prediction is all about.

You take known data, compare it to recent data and and try to get clues on future developments. Analyze, compare, predict, thats how every professional forecaster works. Regardless if it be weather forecasts or sales forecasts. the more time you invest into the research the smaller the chance for complete error gets. But as you can only compile so much data into your prediction there is always a chance for surprises, see the WII launch part.

Any other way would be pure tealeaf reading or uneducated guessing like 100% of the people on this sites like n4g and all teh countless fan-blogs do. Zero research, zero analysis, but claiming to absolutely KNOW how the future will be.

PimpHandHappy4089d ago

just because i have a PS3. Wont be anytime soon but it will happen more then likely within the year. If they didnt make it work with the PS3 i would have no reason to own one but with the things they are doing with this little thing i can see myself finding some good uses for it in the near future



Jinxstar4089d ago

I been thinkin the same thing. Cause I want to play Chains of Olympus mainly though...

unsunghero284089d ago

So he seems to think the PS3 will be ahead by 2011, the Wii a close second and the 360 a distant third.

I guess anything's possible...

pwnsause4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

one thing you guys need to know though, if prices drop to 400 dollars, you know the PS3 will sell for the holidays even if it would have a miserable line up this year. at the end of the day, you know everyone wants a PS3, no matter who you are even if your a fanboy from the other side. its just that the price is too expensive thus, no install base= no 3rd party support.

ShadoWulf4089d ago

I'm not really interested in PS3. None of the games catch my attention, or the ones that do are rated M and therefore I am neither allowed nor wish to play them. So, in short, you do not own the machine that everyone covets. I'm sorry.

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