VGD: Call of Juarez: The Cartel - Can the Wild Western Outlive the Wild West?

A man wearing a long leather coat and faintly ludicrous ten gallon hat stands with his back to the camera, looking out over a sun-drenched canyon floor. He recites verses to himself absently, gobbets of Old Testament, his Californian twang calling to mind the clatter of saloon doors, the hiss of tumbleweeds at high noon. Bristles of fern and tall cacti ripple in the heat rising from the sand.

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ian722544d ago

I wasn't very interested in the last Call of Juarez, but this new one looks better. Something just didn't do it for me with the last CoJ. I think its because the game is set in a later period in time.
I will be looking out for more info on this, and hopefully it will turn out good.

DXM12543d ago

awesome avatar ian72.

trainsinrdr2543d ago

is this a new coj or what