More Evidence Points Towards Diablo III On Consoles

Not too long ago, we broke news to you that a job listing had been discovered on Gamasutra posted by Blizzard asking for a Senior Producer to work on "Console Diablo III". It now appears that we have more evidence to back-up the existence of Diablo III on consoles with another job listing.

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wwm0nkey2476d ago

We pretty much know its going to happen.

Xfanboy2475d ago

great for console owners! To bad you have to you a controller :(

I would love to see WOW played on a console just to see it!

wwm0nkey2475d ago

Diablo like games work perfectly fine with a controller where as games like Starcraft and World of Warcraft NEED a KB+M

Letros2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

It CAN work fine if made for a controller, but a straight PC port would be a nightmare, a lot of spells require screen location clicking with a cursor, such as grenade toss, teleport, etc.

I'm sure they will figure it out for consoles, just don't f#@% up the PC version Blizzard.

MysticStrummer2475d ago

Don't know about 360, but PS3 has had keyboard and mouse support since day one. Devs don't use it much though for some reason.

DXM12475d ago

umm... My friend is a WoW player and has a good gaming rig i helped him build months ago. (HD 5850)... Anyway he also has an xbox.

Believe it or not he plays WoW With the xbox controller. Says its easier. He's no newb either. So Wow could easily be on a console.

zero_cool2475d ago

We have playstation move as well dumbass!

evrfighter2475d ago

I wouldn't mind a diablo 3 on consoles. It was the first diablo on ps1 that showed me the light of pc gaming.

The more current gen gamers that see the light the more people to play other games online with on pc.

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BrutallyBlunt2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

As others have stated the Playstation 3 does support k/m. I also played the original way back when on the first Playstation without too many issues on the controller. I see no problem bringing this game to consoles.

christheredhead2475d ago

i actually replayed through diablo 1 on the ps1 a few weeks back haha. i still have my copy and surprisingly it works fine especially for a ps1 game. diablo 3 on consoles should work great just as long as they interface it for the controller. shouldn't be a problem though.

Kantor2475d ago

Why would anyone play a Blizzard game on a console?

I trust them to focus on the PC version, but then I trusted Crytek to do the same, and look what happened there.

plb2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

As long as it isn't dumbed down I don't care. I'll still buy the PC version though as it will obviously be the superior version. I know the game doesn't look demanding and I thought the same about SC2 but there were a few times it brought my core i5 to it's knees lol and mind you I didn't even run the game at max. I've purchased every Blizzard game thus far. Also remember Diablo 1 was on psx.

SlxTeN2475d ago

Would be nice to have PS Move support also for Diablo 3

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