Team Ninja's Itagaki Talks DS Versus PSP

As part of an extensive new Gamasutra interview, Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki (Dead Or Alive) has been discussing the merits of Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP, pinpointing both the PSP's "toned-down" console roots, and suggesting that the DS market may be getting flooded with low-budget titles.

In the interview conducted immediately following the recent Tokyo Game Show, Itagaki was asked why Team Ninja has decided to produce a title, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, for the DS, rather than something for the PSP.

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mighty_douche4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

he bashed anything thats from anyother developer but him, i mean come on, ok dead or alive looks nice but thats about it!

edit: infact ive played them all! just because of the graphics and interative environments. its just button bash heaven although i use to be able to beat people by just using reversals, ahh the old back + X, stupidly easy.

BloodySinner4096d ago

Based on that comment, you haven't played single DOA fighter to date.

ParaDise_LosT4096d ago

But his games back up most of what he says...

BloodySinner4096d ago

"The reason is because the PlayStation Portable is basically designed on the philosophy of having a console that you can take with you. They are basically just toning down what we see on home consoles such as the 360 or the PS3; whereas the DS was looking at a whole new method of input. Just as I said earlier, one of the key aspects of game design is the interactivity between the user's input and what happens on the screen, so I thought: here is a chance to do something totally original, using the strengths of this hardware. If I was going to make a game for PSP, I would be better off making a game for PS2, because they are essentially attempting to do the same thing."


You know, Itagaki is dead-on. That comment makes perfect sense. Then again, he does not favor Sony, so I have my doubts. Regardless, it's quite a good point of view.

gEnKiE4096d ago

This guy is a douche....The whole idea of a portable system is to take it with you on the road or anywhere else. You cant take a ps2, ps3, 360 or whatever else with you on the road, you can, but its a hassle. He says that if he was to make a game on the psp he would just go ahead and make it on the ps2 but then that gets rid of the "portable" aspect. Thats the point of the psp or ds, to take a console experience anywhere with you.

Arkham4096d ago

I swear, that guy is really Lena Olin.

mighty_douche4096d ago

thats some funny sh1t! they actually look-a-like. then again Itagaki does look like some pig ugly woman anyway!

Vojkan4096d ago

First of all he dislikes Sony. Second he is so contradicting himself. We know his philosophy was to make only games for strongest platforms. Ok in previous generation xbox was much stronger thatn PS2. I could even believe that he thinks that 360 is stronger that PS3 and that only that was the reasont for NG2 for 360 and not Microsoft money but to now try and dodge your own trademark and say that PSP is not handheld is so FAKE! Just tell us, DS has HUGE install base, software sells few times better than on PSP and thats it. Dont try to be philosophical you azz!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.