Juiced 2 gets 6/10 from Eurogamers

Thrown into the lion's den of the Christmas 2007 line-up, Juiced 2 faces the exact same problem that the last one did: too much competition. Competitors which have raised their game considerably since Juiced battled it out with the big guns in the summer of 2005.

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picker3324096d ago

not so surprised.
A forgotten game if you ask me.

kn4096d ago

I played the demo (or tried to anyway). It's a massive, steaming pile of runny $hit. So exactly how could a piece of garbage like this score higher than, say, Lair for instance? I haven't played Lair... Is it that bad? Judging on this rating (6/10), playing Lair would have to give you genital herpes or something to score worse than this turd of a game...

Xx Matty xX4096d ago

Strange, Game Informer gave it an 8.25, Games Radar an 8.0 and Team Xbox a 7.4.

MK_Red4096d ago

I seriously think it's way too much. They game is simply a rehash of Need For Speed: Underground with NOT so much better graphics. With NFS Pro Street and PGR4, this game deserves a 4/10 IMO.