IGN UK reviews Project Gotham Racing 4: "An impressive swan song"

As far as IGN are concerned, PGR4 is the series all but perfected. With racers starting to head towards a more open-ended sandbox style of play, the days of these more linear, streamlined titles may well be numbered. The addition of bikes, stunning use of weather and a healthy career mode with tons of added circuits gives even long-time fans plenty of new content to sink their teeth into. While it may lack Forza's detailed customisation and in-depth simulation options, PGR4 is simply the more flat-out fun game. An impressive swansong for Bizarre's Project Gotham series indeed.

Overall score: 9.1/10

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MK_Red4094d ago

1.The game is getting some seriously solid reviews. Can't wait!
2.TnS, you are seriously fast :)
I was just 2 mintues late to post the story.

MK_Red4094d ago

I'll eye GameSpot and other reviews now :)

TheMART4093d ago

I feel another AAA game for the 360 is adding to those others! Nice work Microsoft. You're proving the only gaming system that is really the best Christmas present is the XBOX 360.

Games/price/online best deal for sure.

SL1M DADDY4093d ago

But for me I have no interest in the series. I played through PGR3 and it was OK but in the end it was no racing sim and that is what I love in a racing game. It's my oppinion but in the end, despite a great score, PGR4 will not be on my list of games to buy. Good work devs on another good game for those that love the series.

BloodySinner4093d ago

Project Gotham never aimed to be a racing sim, so...

Lex Luthor4093d ago

Wow, scored higher that HS and Lair, not bad for DVD9.

Jones Miller4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

You said that Xbox 360 was the home of the best racers and you still get disagrees??? I hate Sony fanboys just for that!!! I mean how could you possibly be wrong??? (no sarcasm) There is no Gran Turismo out yet which could be a competitor and Motorstorm is still fun but the racing catalogue on the PS3 is a little slim!

EDIT: This was a reply to the post below

FirstknighT4093d ago

AAA titles almost monthly...Forza 2, Bioshock, Halo 3, up Mass Effect! PGR is the BEST competitive arcade racer ever! I hope it's not the final series :(

The 360 is the home for the best racers. No question!!!

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