NGP Reveals 3DS Like Augmented Reality Features

Nintendo is set to ship the 3DS, planned to be launched in the US on March 27, along with six augmented reality game titles included. These games will be based on specialized cards which will have to be placed on a flat surface and the camera of the console focused on them. Once the AR card is recognized by the 3DS, it will initiate a game in the console which will also be based on real life environment. It will alter the surface and the user will be required to complete tasks such as moving the console physically to aim at different targets or similar other forms of gameplay.

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a_bro2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

anything that the 3DS does, NGP does it better, but again, it will come down to price to see if people will decide to opt in to the NGP.

Joecool61012572d ago

seems like its going to end up too expensive.

SkyCrawler2572d ago

Anywhere between 249 and 299 usd would opt me in on an NGP.

Stealth20k2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

sorry to break it to you but its already over. The 3ds is outselling the ds in japan (at launch) and breaking preorder sales records for nintendo in the US and Europe..............

the price for this will be 299 at least for the barebones model

fyi: I will be getting both. I am not insecure like most fanboys here who need to vs two things and dellude themselves why they think something is better.

@ below I am just legitimately answering the person who made the thread.

im-12-years-old2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

So if you're not a fanboy why would you have to write "sorry to break it to you but its already over" what's over? Both the 3ds and NGP will be great devices and have great games.

If sales mean that much to you, then you are just as bad as these so called "fanboys".
You play the games not sales, leave the record breaking preorders to sony and nitendo.

rrw2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

sorry mate but DS is 470 000 at fisrt week while 3ds 370 000. so your fact is wrong

Neko_Mega2572d ago

Guess you didn't read the one about Japanese selling there 3DS's already.

There is no games on it for now that make me want it and if I have to play everything in 3D.....That is another draw back.

Oh yeah you might want to check how well PSP is doing, doesn't help that Sony has lower the price of it now.

trounbyfire2572d ago

so psp never did AR..ok that a lot of spin but whatever gets you by

Ju2572d ago

No, now the NGP does what the 3DS does, like the PSP never did that before.

GodHandDee2572d ago

I'm sorry but didn't the 'psp' 'reveal' AR the 3DS is doing for years now?


Umm the NGP's Augmented reality is so many times better than the 3DS simply because it was built around it, and it's one of the NGP's major features.

3DS's major feature is it's screen.

TeaDouble_E2572d ago

Is the ipad 2 more powerful than the NGP, or is it the other way around?

Neko_Mega2572d ago

From what I heard, Ipad 2 is about the same as Ipad.

So no it isn't.

trounbyfire2572d ago

ipad 2 is doul core and NGP is quad core with a quad core GPU so NGP is a very powerful system.

now iphone 5 was rumored to be quad core but since the ipad 2 is doul the iphone 5 will most likely be doul core because doul core is relatively new but some phone from samsung had doul core last year.

Undeadwolfy2572d ago

NGP has a quad core CPU and GPU.

trounbyfire2572d ago

yep what makes it a gaming device, table, pc and more is the dedicated quad core CPU and GPU. thats why it can have console style lighting and 4xMSAA. PSP and even 3DS can't pull of the good AA so its a huge leap.

of course its down sized a bit as the PS3 has eight cores CPU but in the hand held / phone market NGP is the most powerful even tegra 4 which is a quad core CPU / GPU for phones but i highly doubt phone will have a dedicated GPU because GPU is pretty much a heavy GUI systems and phones are simple GUI so NGP is a BEAST.

PM me if you have any questions.

TeaDouble_E2571d ago

Why did i get disagrees, i was only asking a question?

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