Mass Effect's Dialogue is Rather Massive

If you've watched the making of the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, you would have noticed the painful approach Square Pictures took to match the spoken dialogue with the facial movement. For the most part, Square animators matched the lip movements by hand; something I was particularly impressed with. Unfortunately, the end result was far from perfect. The facial animations seemed "stiff" giving a false impression to the already realistic looking CGI surrounding it. Perhaps the CGI itself was far ahead of its time, but the phonetic interpretation technology was certainly not.

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nanometric4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

still, it's nearly not as good as motion capture, good thing we have Heavenly Sword!

EDIT: Wait, wtf are you disagreeing for? You mean to say that mo-cap is not better??? Or you all are implying that ps3 owners don't have Heavenly Sword? O_o

SL1M DADDY4089d ago

At this point, no other game compares to Heavenly Sword in the motion capture department. NONE! If future developers want to get it right, then they too need to follow the path that HS has set before them. Otherwise, they will all fall victim to the same fate as games have in the past... Emotionless facial expressions and poor body movements.

green_ghost54089d ago

Mass Effect will be a much, much better game.

nanometric4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Let me correct you, it MAY be a better game... thou I think it looks good!

EDIT: @below I would like to think so too, but I wanna leave room for error... but yeah, I hope it come to PC or PS3

Cosmo4089d ago

I think its guaranteed to be a better game, especially considering the quality of KOTOR. One of the best RPG every made.

Damn Xbots I'm so jealous, I'll wait till it comes to PC which it probably will just as KOTOR came out a year later on the computer.

jaja14344088d ago

Right, just like after MGS and FF13 its all downhill for the PS3...