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Pokemon has become a phenomenal hit for Nintendo over the last decade and a half. A new Pokemon game has been released every two years since the original Pokemon Blue and Red were released back in Japan in 1996. As in every Pokemon game, the gameplay mechanics have remained the same: collect Pokemon, battle the Gym Leaders, and become the Pokemon Master. As technology advances, more enhancements are implemented towards the Pokemon series, such as the ability to battle and trade Pokemon via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. With the release of the Pokemon Black and White versions for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo and Game Freak take another big step forward with the series.

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ShadyDevil2840d ago

Game looks great. Can't wait to pick itu p.

MightyMark4272840d ago

Two more days and I finally can catch these new Pokemon again ^^

eagle212840d ago

these reviews have been excellent so far, i'm being persuaded to catch em' all! :)

Kran2840d ago

Me wants. I usually am a nintendo hater, but Pokemon games are the only nintendo games I bow down for ;P