Lord of Arcana | VGW Review

VGW: Square-Enix usually weighs in as the heavyweight when it enters any RPG-related genre; in this case it’s playing the challenger to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Lord of Arcana is the latest in a new line of survival action games coming out of Japan. In my earlier remarks on the demo, I found the game to be a mixed bag. Going into the full game, I wanted to see if the disparate gameplay elements I had noticed previously came together into a cohesive experience.

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jbomber2757d ago

A SquareEnix game without much a story line? I... I'm not sure I comprehend such a thing...

Sounds like a definitely misfire on Square's part. :(

dagamdagee2757d ago

It's a shame they couldn't capitalize on a winning formula like Monster Hunter's.

jneul2757d ago

Weird coz I played on it and really enjoyed it more than monster hunter, but each to their own.

fatalis952756d ago

doesn't come close to monster hunter for me but it was really good