3DS breaks Nintendo UK pre-order record

Nintendo says it's aiming for a UK "feeding frenzy" as the 3DS breaks its all-time console pre-order record.

Speaking to trade mag MCV, Nintendo UK sales director, Andy Yates revealed the handheld is fast approaching 100,000 pre-orders in the UK.

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SonyNGP2846d ago

Impressive considering it's price being higher compared to the US.

eagle212846d ago

You beat me to this story submission...congrats to Nintendo. :)

Stealth20k2846d ago

Super congrats all the haters eat it

eagle212846d ago

They will really eat. Let's remember the FUD they hang on to when thousands of positive hands on impressions were written about 3DS directly following Nintendo bringing them directly to the hands of E3 press. Nothing to hide! But NOW n4fail naysayers think the eyes of all those press members fell out....lmao. Karma will be a bitc$!