IGN: SOCOM 4: Bomb Squad Preview

Enter a multiplayer mode that requires teamwork and steady hands.

With enough practice and a team of gamers willing to speak to each other, Bomb Squad could be a massive time sink. It's a familiar formula in the online multiplayer space, but one that works well nonetheless. I'm interested to see how a match looks between two experienced teams, because true coordination can mean the difference between a sweeping victory and a crippling defeat

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younglj012789d ago

Lol after reading that article it pretty much sums up tha Socom series.

Socom is all about teamwork.Only reason I'm playing shooters now is because of Zipper.Lol I only brought MAG because Zipper made it.

April 19th get here very fuking soon please....

Dante1122789d ago

Real talk. I need this game. Can't wait to try out the beta.

bluwulf2789d ago

Thats what keeps the franchise going. While others flaunt run & gun. Socom has stayed well versed in teamplay.

Some of the best/saddest moments have been watching a team either dominate, or fall apart. I remember watching one clan guy try to save another that was pinned down by a sniper...

lol.. well... he didn't make it. But the sheer fact that the guy thought he would go rescue a pinned down team mate is something thats just not seen that often in gaming.

Socomers are a bit tooo serious, as I've sat in 'meetings' instead of playing a match. But I understand the game is for these guys.. not me, who just picks up every now and then.

RyuCloudStrife2789d ago

march 29 would get here quicker to play the beta

jack_burt0n2789d ago

Looking forward to the stealth stuff.

DangerTick2789d ago

I can't wait to try out the Bomb Squad mode. I could definitely see myself playing Socom 4 for a long time.

younglj012789d ago

Glad too see ppl getting happy about Socom again.I know Slant Six let alot of ppl down.This is Zipper tha creators of tha series so u know they bring their A game.

Get it or Move on

GunofthePatriots2789d ago

Socom isn't the same. Don't be fooled by what you read.

Sitris2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Please explain. This game mode is all what socom is about! Teamwork, patience, you will be seeing me playing classic bomb squad from day 1 for this epic game.

If you haven't noticed the game industry has changed ALOT since socom started, and this game is looking better and better every time I see it, you hardcore fans need to realize that the developer is making the game they want, not to just update the graphics of an older game.

GunofthePatriots2789d ago

1)Focusing on respawn
2)Regenerating health
3)Dual Primaries (NO PISTOLS!)
4)Matchmaking (NO LOBBIES)
5)Ability to revive
8)Cover System
9)No Demo, Escort, Breach, Extraction
This isn't socom.
And that's just off the top of my head.

They are trying steal some of the Call of Duty pie and that is exactly what is wrong with some of these developers today, including Zipper.
They lack balls to create a game that is different and unique.
Leave that crap in MAG...the other Zipper game.

younglj012789d ago

Lol i agree 1000% with u.

People he is telling tha truth.Socom is not tha same and only way u will tell is by playing it.

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