Battlefield 3 dev: “It’s time to give some extra love to the PC community.”

DICE general manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson has been talking about DICE’s focus on the PC version of Battlefield 3, saying that he feels DICE neglected the PC while they were building the first Frostbite Engine and making Battlefield: Bad Company. He also confirms that any DLC for the game “is going to apply to the PC as well.”

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aviator1892840d ago

I love DICE more than ever now.


LOGICWINS2840d ago

“It’s time to give some extra love to the PC community.”

They deserve it. I don't have a gaming PC myself, but I know some people who spend upwards $3,000 to upgrade their rigs.

RedDead2840d ago that even possible? Maybe nVidia 580 x 2.....Core i7 extreme.. 8 Gb DDR3 RAM....... Super high def Monitor. How much would that cost?

ugabugaz2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Those people need their heads examined. I can easily pick up components that would destroy any game for about $1500 with a bit of splurge.

Edit: You don't need an i7, Get an i5 2500k and overclock it to 4-4.2Ghz. Ram is cheap. Get a super nice GFX card and overclock that too. Buy two SSD's for raid use and 1TB drive for storage. Everything else is peanuts.

LOGICWINS2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

@ugabugaz- $1500 doesn't sound that bad actually..but I'm already very used to playing on my HDTV with a controller in my hand. Besides, judging from the physics/graphics engine I've seen from Resistance 3...the PS3 isn't THAT far behind the PC in terms of visuals. So for me, I think I'm better off just sticking to my PS3 from a value perspective.

Granted, Battlefield 3 virtually demolishes any gameplay I've ever seen running on the PS3...but the PS3 isn't SO far behind the PC to warrant a $1500 purchase when I have a $300 console that could ALMOST do the same things visually.

@JsonHenry- Well, thats what my friend told me. I think he means that thats the amount of money he spent in his PC's entire LIFETIME. He upgrades his rig as often as possible.

JsonHenry2840d ago

$3000? Unless they are going for triple monitor, fully 3D, and two 580s I don't see how they could spend that kinda cash on a rig. Let alone "upgrades".... I smell troll, anyone else?

Apollyn2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Easily I'm about to order a £8,000 tower this weekend.

Well trying to persuede the OH to let me as my current one is only 3 years old and was around 5000 back then! And she can't see why I need a new one. :(

So yeah $3000 easy peasy

2840d ago
Perjoss2840d ago

some people have good jobs (get payed quite well) and love PC gaming, that's all you need to know..

It's like the Ferrari argument, why buy one when you are not allowed to drive it fast? well because it's a f*****g cool car and it feels good to buy something powerful with your hard earned cash.

Apollyn2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


Yes it is so is 48gb of ram what's ur point .

100% agree perjoss

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ATiElite2840d ago

PC Gamers don't need extra love. We only require that developers make quality PC games that make use of the hardware. and that's it.

This extra love stuff is bullcrap to me when I have sat here and watch the quality of PC titles go down the drain basically since Crysis.

buggy crappy console ports have flooded the PC and that's unacceptable. make the games PC specific first then port down. Use brand new tech that pushes the hardware and for gods sake beta test the dam game to lower the amount of bugs and patches needed.

Sure many don't realize DX10 helped in this backward trend but DX11 is here now and developers have had time to adjust. Get back to quality and innovation and not the so called "extra love".

theafroman2840d ago

crytek has said the same thing lol.

DigitalAnalog2840d ago

Unlike Crysis 2 which has been under severe scrutiny due to the fact it looks less impressive than it's predecessor. DICE clearly blew everyone's socks off with an authentic gameplay video which has still left people shaking their heads. This was the DEFINING reason why I decided to upgrade my PC. Even my friend had to cancel his travel plans in order to save up for a gaming PC after I sent him the gameplay video.

-End statement

hassi942840d ago

Cancel his travel plans? That's a bit sad..

theafroman2840d ago

it looks great but im not a PC gamer ,buying a gaming pc nowadays is expensive, and im quite happy with my ps3 and its line up as well.Pc gamers are in for a treat with this game,that being say i wont buy a console version until i see it.

FantasyStar2840d ago

Any game that's attached to EA will never realize its fullest potential. Because that would require EA to actually invest in a product and gamble. EA's all about the milking and mexican workers baby. (stereotype reference, bubbles for the punchline).

ugabugaz2840d ago

I think you've got EA and Activision confused.

FantasyStar2840d ago

I don't think I can get two pieces of shit publishers mixed up. Even if I did, they're both still pieces of shit and a cancer on the industry.

killalot1002840d ago

Well Dice is under EA. I dont think BF3 would of been possible without EA

Raven_Nomad2840d ago

I think P.C. gamers just need a hug! There gaming device of choice is on life support and they want some love....

cyborg69712840d ago

Yes, yes he is. And a troll. And the ravens suck.

FantasyStar2840d ago

Life support? Just like your grammar.

Ohhhhhh....snap. ;)

Nah I teasin'.

But I think this is more about justifying the hardware, not so much as grasping for games. I can go on Steam and pick out dozens of games. Like Magicka. (so hooked on that by the way).

ugabugaz2840d ago

Hopefully they optimize the game well.

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