Gamestop Gives Out Gears of War 3 Beta Code for Your Pre-Order

For those who decided not to pick up Bulletstorm but would like to participate in the upcoming beta of Gears of War 3, you might want to head to your local Gamestop.

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ShadyDevil2841d ago

Well thats a hard choice, pre-order a game everyone wants or buy a game that has a short campaign.

BiggCMan2841d ago

Haha "everyone". I'm sorry I had to, I really don't think Gears of War is anything special, and I know many who feel the same way. But can anyone confirm that you do actually get access to the beta by pre-ordering, and not just a "chance" like the article says? I have some friends that may be interested and I don't want to give them false information. Thanks for any replies.

NinjaRican2841d ago

Yeah they give you a code just got mine.

MightyMark4272841d ago

I got my Bulletstorm so I'm good!

GiggMan2841d ago

I noticed they revealed this AFTER Bulletstorms release....


BeaArthur2841d ago

Of course, how many people bought it just for Gears 3.

gamingdroid2841d ago

I bought Bulletstorm for the game, albeit the Early Beta is a plus. I was going to buy Gears 3 anyhow, because so far everything I hear is fantastic.

Bulletstorm is the only game I play right now, when I have an hour a few days a week.

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maxcer2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

holy shit half comments are hating on bulletstorm. do you ps3fanboys ever stop bitching? N4G is nothing but a cryfest.

Of course, how many people bought it just for Gears 3"

that was one reason. the other one was that i had fun with the demo, hell of alot more than i did the KZ3beta

somethingstrang2841d ago

Uhm, Bulletstorm is also for PS3, so their hatred for Bulletstorm is due to the fact that it's a heavily mediocre game.

BabyTownFrolics2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

come on somethinstrang....

you and I both know thats not true

ps3 fanboys always prefer ps3 exclusives to multiplatform games, especially one that is co produced by Epic which makes the only 360 exclusive game PS3 fanboys secretly wish was multiplat, though they would most likely not admit it and still talk shit about it anyways.

please note I said ps3 fanboy, as I own both the ps3 and 360 and can see the difference between gamers and fanboys.

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