WWE: All Stars - 5 New Exclusive Gameplay Videos (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "We've been given a batch of new gameplay video from THQ's upcoming arcade wrestler WWE: All Stars, it features some finishers along with a look at the cage match and a fatal four way."

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plb2813d ago

I'm sure this is a Cliffy B type game. Sweaty oily muscle men.

Balt 2813d ago

Absolute junk! Gotta love how we regress back to the smackdown psx days -- the days when you do a finishing move and the opponent springs up like he's just been cranked out of a jack-n-the-box.

galgor2813d ago

Come on, this is just a spin-off, not your proper sim that SDvR is. I don't think it looks too bad, it's just off-putting that the commentary isn't on the same level as the gameplay appears to be (fast paced & OTT)

There is potential, but from everything I've seen, evidently it hasn't been fully realised.