Talking Battlefield 3 Multiplayer - Game Informer

GI: Though we didn’t see any multiplayer in action during our cover story visit to DICE, that didn’t stop us from prying some revealing answers from executive producer Patrick Bach.

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Inzo2845d ago

I really really hope this game smokes COD, will Battlefield3 have any ties with bad company or is that a different franchise?

chak_2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

It's not like Bad company.

Well, it is somehow, infantry, vehicules... But maps are way bigger, the pacing is slowlier and... well it's just different.

see? :D

evrfighter2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

you know those wookies you saw pretty much everywhere in bc2?

in bf3 you simply take a detour in a jeep around some hills where they camp, bust out your knife, start goin to town. bc2 maps were mini maps compared to real battlefield maps btw. a lot of people actually would say they are small and linear for a battlefield game.

in battlefield 2 there's much more armor than 1 tank and 1 apc.

I believe some 64 player maps in bf2 had about 3-4 tanks, 4-5 apc's, 10 or so jeeps, a couple of AA vehicles, lots of boats, a couple fighter jets, a bomber jet, 2 attack choppers and 2-3 transport choppers.

and this is just one side.

Software_Lover2845d ago

Its just hard to imagine maps bigger than some of the maps in Bad Company 2 (pc). I have to run forever, LOL. Why the console (only) guys/gals dont play this is weird. Its a better online game than modern warfare. VEHICLES!!! Better warlike experience. You actually need to use teamwork: medics, engineers. Destructible environments.

I just dont get it. They continue to rag on the COD franchise but wont try the better option?

chak_2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

BC2 maps are "small" compared to BF2 maps.

Basically those are just one or two big corridors, maps are very rectangular, forcing shockpoints around A or B in rush mode.

BF2 maps are more like giant square, where you can besically find your way around on 2 miles, then capture an isolated point sneakily. (if such a word exists).

It's very different.

Agent-862845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

BF3 is considered a "core" BF game such as BF1942 or BF2. Bad Company is more of a "spinoff" and a separate game universe from the the "core" BF series.

Apollyn2845d ago

Can't wait to get my joystick out and start zipping through the skies again! ! Or find somewhere to hide and be commander please bring commander back!

HK62845d ago

That was a pretty solid interview. Here's to hoping for a theatre mode and more customization.