Exclusive Interview: Shogun 2: Total War

Tom's Hardware Guide- Turkey writes:

Shogun 2: Total War is going to hit shelves on 15th March. In other words, the Total War legend, which began in Japan Islands 11 years ago, is going to sail off towards this land once again. So on the verge of this great day we made an interview with SEGA Europe's Total War Community Manager Craig Laycock.

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Xof2842d ago

"The new skills tree system allows you to customise the skillset of all of your characters on the campaign map – from agents to generals, each of which have their own skill tree. No two playthroughs will be alike."

I doubt the skill trees will effect much of anything when it comes to endgame scenarious. I do find it interesting he said, "no two playthroughs will be alike," considering every single Shogun Total War campaign ended the exact same way--the whole of Japan divided into two giant factions, east and west.

Historically accurate to a point, sure, but... a tad too predictable.

Turin2842d ago

I just noticed through your comment history that every comment you make seems more negative than positive towards the game in question. Are there no games you like? ;)
All joking aside, I do agree that the Total War games are flawed but I think it's a bit harsh to criticize Shogun 2 before it's released. I don't see many strategy games trying to do what the Total War series are trying to do. So I would prefer to compliment them for that than highlight their failings (Well at least until I've played the game anyway, lol).

Xof2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Well, for starters, I don't believe in blind praise. And, generally, I don't like posting inane comments like, "wah, so cool." Those aren't good for starting debate.

And secondly you, and the other person who ticked the disagree button, seem to have completely missed the point of my post. I didn't criticize Shogun 2 at all. Not even a bit. The only bit of that comment that could be construed as critical (and since when was being critical a sin, anyway?) was angled at Shogun: Total War.

You know, the first game. The one that's more than a decade old.

And looking over my own post history, myself... only 2 out of 10 posts were critical. I was critical of Move and Age of Empires Online. Hardly unwarranted, ya 'know. So, "joking aside," don't be such a jackass.

Turin2842d ago

@ Xof
Ha ha, I think your being overly sensitive. I just thought you were being a little negative towards a game that has yet to be released. Regarding the disagrees, well everyone as their own opinion and not everyone is going to agree over others comments.
Yes I do know the first game, even though it's a decade old. I got that and its expansion pack, the mongol invasions. Robert T Smith is one of the game designers at Creative Assembly and the first game he ever worked on was a game called Arnhem. It was the game that got me into computer strategy games. I bought it for the Spectrum 48k when the game came out two and a half decades ago. So a decade to me seems just like the other day, lol. Total War games are a huge jump from the days of speccy gaming so I guess I'm less inclined to be as critical of them as others.

Nolando2842d ago

Im excited for the Co-op campaign, it sounds like the first total war that you can actual play the turn based part multiplayer... unless im understanding it wrong :S...oh well, ive been a fan of Total war since shogun, this will be epic too like all total wars have been. except Napoleon... I didnt bother with that and stuck with Empire.