Debut Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Gameplay Footage

TSA visits Gameloft UK for an exclusive hands-on session. Here is an off-screen video, depicting the opening tutorial level.

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kookie2546d ago

i thought this was a new rainbow six game

kookie2546d ago

But not on pc,xbox360,ps3

bask_in_glory2546d ago

Hence why it is tagged iPhone. Just because it's for a mobile device doesn't mean it's not a game.

Neo Nugget2546d ago


Right, it's just not something people wanted when they asked for a new R6 game.

MidnytRain2546d ago

It is a new Rainbow Six game, but surely it won't have all the features and depth that one would get out of a retail release on the HD consoles and PC.

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joydestroy2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

man, thanks @kookie for letting me know before i read anymore into it. me and a few other guys were just talking about a new RainbowSix game yesterday...

c'mon Ubi! plllleeeeassssseeee! release a new one for consoles!

BeaArthur2546d ago

Got excited when I saw the title but now I'm just disappointed.

SuperbVillain2546d ago

they made a new Rainbow 6...for iphone?....really?....lame -.-

Neo Nugget2546d ago

I was thinking ABOUT TIME.

But then....I sad face'd. =(

MGRogue20172546d ago

... Ever heard of the Focus feature on a camcorder??