Yakuza: Of the End - New Gameplay Videos

2 new Gameplay Videos emerged today showcasing not just Cinematics but actual Gameplay of Yakuza: Of the End. The Zombi-Slaughtering-Spinoff to the Yakuza Franchise. Enjoy the Videos after the Jump.

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christheredhead2842d ago

yakuza and zombies? YES PLEASE. hopefully sega will bring this to the states as well. if not ill go the import route. i dont care, i have to play this game. i can only imagine how much fun its going to be.

Cloudberry2842d ago

There are no major contents cut (only the opening theme & 1 mini-game; Answer X Answer).

: )

Rob9462842d ago

theres a demo on the japanese psn which u cud try out if u haven't, i tried it it's awesome !

Cloudberry2842d ago

Some of the impressions I've read from other gamers that they also have to get used to the controller & the camera angles.

Fortunately, once they get used to it, they enjoyed the demo more.

Nitrowolf22842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Yeah the camera at times can be a bit frustrating, it's not that it isn't hard or anything it just that in most shooters when you want to aim it goes into an easy aim mode that allows you to move around and such, this isn't just push R1 or L1 and your ready to ain, it's more of a switch camera to the direction your looking at.

There is a aim button but it's not like other TPS where you can move it in any direction, infact i only remember being able to move it up and down and i had to move the character left and right if i wan't to aim like that

and i think in the demo the right stick (camera) they are reverse/inverted left and right.

other then that this game is great, can't wait for Yakuza 4 and this one

Rob9462842d ago

It was annoying at 1st but if u go to options u can change it once u change it it works perfectly

InfiniteJustice2842d ago

Yeah you're all right about that, camera takes some getting used to at first. But like Nitrowolf mentioned, holding R1 to focus the camera nearer to the player is the way to go for most encounters. Plus changing the camera settings to normal instead of inverted helped me alot (depends what you're used to though).

All in all I thought the demo was great, lots of big shootouts and the indoor sections had a feel of the original Resident Evil games about them (narrow spaces and lots of zombies).

Rob9462842d ago

Ya indoor parts were really like resident evil, i do wish you could just use your fists and do melee instead of only picking up weapons, great game over all though looking forward to it

DigitalAnalog2842d ago


In all seriousness, this game should sell millions.

-End statement