PS3's 41.6 Million Sales are Using Old Numbers

A small controversy has popped up on the internet over the sales figures that Sony used in a recent GDC presentation, but it is clear that Sony has used old numbers for it.

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lalalala2841d ago

If anyone can't see that the sales numbers are old now, they are clearly idiots. What are the chances that the 41.6 million number is used now when it is EXACTLY the same as in October.

Dark_Charizard2841d ago

PS3 will outsell the SNES eventually...

zootang2841d ago

It is the number of PS3's connected to PSN!

Army_of_Darkness2841d ago

I don't understand why all these fanboys are making such a big deal about it?!?! It has nothing to do with my gaming experience!! it doesn't effect my gaming experience!! people! STFU!

jimbone792841d ago

Zootang you are wrong. They are just old numbers, not the # of PS3's connected to PSN. Please stop saying that, YOU ARE WRONG.

vsr2841d ago

Misunderstood people should learn maths

Mystogan2841d ago

things are not going well for Sony, first the jailbreak and hackerz ruling the ps3,then they got the PS3 banned in europe and now caught lying about their numbers.

Now we are starting to see Sony's real colors.

redsquad2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Oh Mystogan, if you're not going to read the article, at least have the courtesy to read the DAMN HEADLINE of the article your posting your bleating in!

Redman222841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

"The slide shows at the top "PSN Market - How Big is it?" Sony provided information to developers, which they had gained from before they announced their last quarter's financial results last month. This would give developers a more accurate depiction of the PSN market "

Zootang is correct! Can't you people read?? 41.6 out of the 47.9 million PS3 sold are online w/PSN accounts! Now how that translates to actual sales in DL content is another issue.

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BDSE2841d ago

Agreed but then this is the internet and dumb is forever.

longcat2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Is this "sales game" a strategy game or an MMO? Just wondering. People seem to really enjoy it

Baka-akaB2841d ago

i dunno at least in a mmo they's gain gears as they grind .
Here nothing of value seems gained from the constant stroking of sales and cheers at failures

BubbleSniper2841d ago

[email protected]

looks like SONY just trolled a whole lotta mofo!

intentional or not. lot O people got owned.

HolyOrangeCows2841d ago

The truth finally gets posted and it doesn't even make it up to the top stories with the lies created by PS3-haters.

Hopefully that changes.

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Sonyslave32841d ago

this probably why sony said profits are more important then passing xbox36o they know they won't pass MS.

Nineball21122841d ago

What's that saying? Obvious troll is obvious?

gaffyh2841d ago

Damn, haven't seen you online in ages N4PS3G...sorry I mean murderdolls, sorry Applegate?

Still as funny as always.

Blad3star2841d ago

Wow - the fact that you rememberd those names is sad.

gaffyh2841d ago

True, that's what happens when you've been on N4G for so long.



lee_ten2841d ago just no. even she-hulk in your avatar thinks you're out of touch with reality.

2841d ago
RedRedSuitSDF2841d ago

LOL... ya, now they're old numbers.

Starhawk2841d ago

Total as of Q4 2010 : 47.9M
Sold during Q4 2010 : 6.3M
47.9 - 6.3 = 41.6, they're indeed old numbers. ;)

Parapraxis2841d ago

Yes now, and as of the start of Q4 they are old...glad to see you are catching on.

trounbyfire2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

i knew it.

just wait untill E3 ,
peter Dilley " I am proud to announce that the PS3 has surpassed microsoft 360 in sales and market share. we want to thank all playstation fans for your support and we will continue to push this industry forward. we have more home accounts than the 12. 5 million live gold members and with 25 million live members ps home has 20 million members

oh peter stop i sm blushing lol sony is coming back for blood this year

" we have made 2 billion on xbox live with 60% through advertisements and 40% through media content. watch these third party trailers, and kinect games, ...thanks for coming see you next year

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