THQ wants in on EA vs Acti FPS battle

Barely a month goes by without EA boss John Ricitiello reminding anyone who will listen that he wants to snatch the FPS crown back from Call of Duty publisher Activision.

However, it seems a third challenger wants to enter the ring and take a shot at the title: Homefront publisher THQ.

"Yes. Absolutely," THQ VP Danny Bilson insisted when Eurogamer asked him whether he was interested in jumping into the Riccitiello/Kotick face-off.

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NotSoSilentBob2841d ago

I still get the feeling that THQ is going to bring a spoon to a Gun fight, if you catch my drift.

ATi_Elite2841d ago

THQ has been such a third rate developer over the years. Homefront may appeal to gamers as it follows the MW2 blueprint (bugs and hacks included)

I just hope they finally gotten Red Faction Armaggeddon done right casue I'm still waiting for a proper sequel to Red Faction 2001

dangert122840d ago

trurhfully there is no battle EA won years ago IMO the original bad company raped the original Mw and all contending FPS"s were better then COD EA's im talking In my eyes home front needs to better EA ,,,,

AntoineDcoolette2840d ago

So you mean THQ is going to go bat**** insane and viciously stab out he competitor's eyes with a rusty low budget spoon while their amazing high budget firearms will be useless?

artdafoo2838d ago

Lol, all THQ can do in the upcoming fight between BF3 and MW3, is hold BF3's sweater while it rips COD a new corn-hole. Other than that THQ better not get in the way or it might catch a stray bullet in it's wig.