Kill Zone 3 most selling game of 2011 till now

Kill zone 3 broke all the records as 500,000 units are already sold worldwide in its first week for the PS3.

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Prcko2757d ago

best fps this year!!!!

xYLeinen2757d ago

Even tho I'm a huge Killzone fan I've gotta say I have had the greastest time with the BF series and BF3 is absolutely the game I'm waiting for this generation to be serious.

Istanbull2757d ago

FAKEcharts numbers, Killzone 3 sold more than 500,000 copies.

Do not use FAKEcharts, as neogaf says: FAKEcharts gets its numbers from ioi's ass, the biggest 360 fanboy on this planet.

The_Ultimate_Guy2756d ago

@ Istanbull

Show us where you're getting your accurate numbers from that prove KZ3 sold more than 500,000 units.

HappyGaming2756d ago

There have been 436875 players online...

So if you think just 13% of people didn't go online than there were 500,000k sales.

If you think more than 13% of the people who bought KZ3 haven't got an internet connection or haven't played the game yet than it could be more than 500k sales.

(+ take away the number of people who play on multiple account although I doubt there are many of them)

Death24942756d ago

Sorry I can't take this article seriously simply because it's best source is VGChartz. This site is not recognized by Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony.

They're anti-Sony to the extreme. The took the same article Joystiq broke news on and ran with it. The article about Sony's Q2 slide mistake. Joystiq has updated and corrected the mishap immediately, yet VG247 remained blind to the fact.

dendenmooshi2756d ago

Yep. This blog post was probably done by a high school student.

"Kill zone 3 broke all the records."
"Kill zone 3 will break all the previous records and become the most sold game but i think it is a rumor."

I'm surprised this site doesn't come with a virus. Honestly, who approved this as credible news?

Trroy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

There have been several studies that show only about 23-25% of people who buy big name FPS games like Halo and CoD EVER go online.

If 400K Killzone players have actually been online, that probably means KZ3 has sold at least 1M copies already, assuming most of the online players are also early purchasers.

heroicjanitor2756d ago

There are plenty of people who buy it once then let the rest of their family play on their own accounts.

Wenis2756d ago

best fps this year? Before getting ahead of ourselves, keep in mind that the Halo: CE remake and Battlefield 3 are coming out this year too.

Fat Bastard2756d ago

We haven't even seen a trailer for a halo CE game, what the hell makes you think it will be coming out this year? Reach just came out bro



Your "source" say it's rumor and the crediting facts they point is MS don't have a Halo this year (LOLWUT? Should we expect yearly releases as a standard now?) and anniversary (again, should we expect remakes on all franchises making it to 5, 10 or 15 years from now on?).

Stop spreading BS.

Legion2756d ago

@ Trroy

More then likely 23-25% of people who buy big name FPS games like Halo and CoD EVER play offline. I have so many friends that own CoD series and NEVER play the single player. They just buy the game for online. Not sure where YOU found these so called studies?

Vherostar2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@gumtrol that's a lot of users online I never saw that many playing Black ops at once online after launch week. 360 was over 1 million but most of them were dirty pirates who didn't buy the game.

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malandra2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

VGChartz numbers are made up, everyone knows that

they're just "educated guesses", with GT5 they missed for about a million

but, yes KZ3 is awesome, it starts a little slow but then it gets brilliant, in particular the jetpack levels

DaTruth2756d ago

"they're just "educated guesses", with GT5 they missed for about a million"

There's nothing educated about it; they are just plain old guesses!

lee_ten2757d ago

i still have to get it but i am so strapped for cash now.

NiKK_4192757d ago

yep killzone 3 best fps, then battlefield 3 comes out, don't mention crysis or homefront as best fps please, they will be good, but not best

StbI9902756d ago

Lol, it is obviously a matter of pc fanboy getting mixed here...

KILLZONE IS BY FAR THE BEST FPS EXCLUSIVE ON CONSOLES, no on pc obviously, pc blow us off, but kilzzone rape xbox off lol

Vaud-Villian2756d ago

Unless you count reviews, metacritic, or generally anything that has contact with life outside the Sony bubble.

Joni-Ice2757d ago

Its Killzone NOT Kill Zone.

egidem2756d ago

Amazing how much hype Bulletstorm had and it launched the same time as Killzone 3 and on all 3 platforms but STILL killzone 3 managed to outsell it.

Jazz41082756d ago

Kz3 is the most dissapointing game of 2011 imo. I don't play online but the sp was very bad. The story was boring and the graphics did not live up to kz2 which I liked. Bs I enjoyed for thetr story and gameplay was also fun. Gamestop is offering 50% trade tilll Sunday towards home fron which I have ordered on my 360. I can't trade kz 3 fast enough. Maybe the 360 is just better with the pad for shooters but this game was horrible. I could not even finish it and I love fps shooters. This is not about console allegiance just my opinion so don't call me a fanboy

Daoshai2756d ago

I have to agree with Jazz on this one, killzone for me is one of the worst playstation exclusives, but fanboys hype every ps3 exclusive.

DigitalAnalog2756d ago

But until I see other FPS releasing this year (Crysis 2, Rage, BF3) I wouldn't count it as the best FPS this year. To be honest, I felt the only thing this game had going on is the engine, setpieces and sound. Full of style yet no substance. Just finished Veteran and now planning to finish it up with the Elite mode.

-End statement

egidem2756d ago

Aww...what happened to "End of Line"?? I used to like that :)

Pacman3212756d ago

"I felt the only thing this game had going on is the engine, setpieces and sound."
Please, play online, it more than makes up for the disappointingly short story,

DigitalAnalog2756d ago

Online is solid but they removed a lot of features that made KZ2's online issues great. For starters, the recoil wasn't as apparent in KZ2, hold the trigger on that M2 and you'd be spraying all over the damn place. Not so in this game. To be honest, I really missed the first time KZ2 online was launched WITHOUT the high-precision aiming. A lot players tend to stick together at that time.

Oh, they should bring back CUSTOM matchmaking.

Meanwhile, I'll try to spend more time in KZ3 online though, I wanna level up so I can play warzone and operations with a better skillset.


I'm trying to find something new with my tagline, but I'll do this for you just this once.

-End of line

Pacman3212756d ago

I have to agree, they made the online much more accessible for COD players, however i do not know why they saw the need to remove so much features, such as Custom matchmaking.
However i am sure they are going to patch up all the main flaws in online, and it is still a lot of fun.

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coojo2756d ago

mw3 will be the best or the new halo or battlefield 3

Gawdl3y2756d ago

You lost all credibility at the beginning of your statement. That is, when you said MW3 would be the best FPS.

Battlefield I agree on, however.

HolyOrangeCows2756d ago

Duplicate article:

Plus they're only a guess/estimate/hits magnet.

Not to mention, this article disgustingly poorly written.

And if 500K was indeed correct, "most selling game of 2011 till now" would be quite false.

Bloodyghost2756d ago

IYO probably.

But in mine, no. It could of been but Resistance 3 looks to really entice me and Brink looks great too.

Legion2756d ago

So they say that it broke all the records with 500,000 sold in one week, then in the SAME ARTICLE it states "The previous Killzone game on PS3, Killzone 2 released in 2009 and sold 750,000 units week one for the PS3."

Makes you kind of laugh at how stupid this article is... saying it broke records then submitting evidence that it didn't even beat it's prior version of the game in sales it's first week. Failure article... once again, submitting EVERY article about a product does not help it out. Think before you submit these types of flame bait articles.

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sashimi2757d ago

Quoting on fake numbers that will make what you want to say credible. /s

josephayal2757d ago

And the best FPS 2005-2011

negroguy2757d ago

Great game, will keep me busy until BF3.