More Battlefield 3 gameplay emerges.

Off-screen footage from one of DICE's GDC 2011 talks popped up over on The video was quickly pulled, but not before it was mirrored on YouTube.

There's a bit more gameplay, and brief teasers of air and tank battles.


No idea how long this one will stay active.

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BakedGoods2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

After watching this and thinking Crytek (amongst all their hype) can barely pull this off (particularly on the PS3) makes me lol.

kookie2843d ago

I agree
ps3 is overrated

Gamer_Z2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Why bash guys comon, get it on whatever platform you want its going to be a great game and you do know this footage is PC not xbox. I have yet to see xbox 360 pull off God of War graphics so STFU!

Shaman2843d ago

Well this is running on monster PC in DX11 and not PS3 so...

Anyway,no doubt Crytek will bring their A game with DX11 footage of Crysis 2.

deadpoole2843d ago

U say Crysis 2 ... I say Crysis who ???
U say Call of Duty ... I say Call of Doody ???

Enough joking about other games and title but you know whats not a joke ... Battlefield 3.

Can I count your vote for it?

deadpoole2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I saw gameplay video again ... Wow factor is 100% Yes. God damn ... dont u see guys, u r gettin effing 5 games in one.

1. FPS
2. Aerial Combat
3. Vehicular Combat
4. Sea Combat
and Last
5. Role Playing Game

evrfighter2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

That is why I laugh when people say shooters are getting stale.

With the Battlefield series you just say

ok so jump in a tank...

if that's not your thing

jump in a chopper, it doesn't even need to be an attack helo you can focus on transporting infantry....

if that's not your thing

jump in a jet or jump in a bomber. Be a flyboy it's a completely different game in the air.

if that's not your thing

gtfo your clearly not an fps gamer and this game wasn't made for you.

thugbob2843d ago


Please tell that someone has another link to this vid.

CyberCam2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I can't believe, no one thought to download it? If someone did please PM me!

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RedDead2843d ago

Anyone elses freeze at about 1.55?

Razzamataz2843d ago

No idea what's causing it, I've redownloaded from a number of times and all of them seem to be corrupt in the same spot.

There's the link on their server, change 'hi' to 'lo' if it's still borked.

Did my best :(

Razzamataz2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Reupping to YouTube now, seems my download manager was giving me shit. I'll edit the submission when it's up.

Edit: Done.

pr0digyZA2843d ago


It's really looking like something special.

MGRogue20172843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Holy shi...

Infinity Ward better pull something out of their ass & not just release yet another re-hash of a CoD game, They've got some serious competition here.

Infinity Ward CoD team leader: "OMG, Guys.. Back to the drawing board, EA Dice are shitting all over us here.."

Infinity Ward team: "Yeah... but, what can we do? This is teh best we can do right now.. unless you want to us to create a whole new engine?? There's not enough time! :( "

Robert Bowling & Josh Olin watching the leaked BF3 footage: "Dude... :O"


LightofDarkness2843d ago

More like: "Create a new engine?! Do I look like John Carmack to you?! In fact, somebody get that guy on the phone, maybe we can license that new fangled Doom 3 engine and say we made it."

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