The 3D Effects In The Nintendo 3DS – Should You Turn Them Off?

Nintendo3DSBlog writes: Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku has turned off the 3D effects on his Nintendo 3DS. Permanently. This might make people worried. Are the 3D effects really that painful? Will all your hopes and dreams be crushed? Maybe. But I doubt it. I’ve had the 3DS for just under a week now, but I spent time with it at demo stations in Tokyo before the launch, and also at Nintendo World 2011. And while there are some instances where I’ve felt eye strain, there’s a few things I think people should be aware of...

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TXIDarkAvenger2844d ago

At first I'd try out the 3D options but after that I would just play in 2D and that doesn't affect my thoughts if the 3DS is good because its about the games to me, and the games coming out are amazing.

kesvalk2844d ago

agreed, just fools buy a console for the bonus and not the content itself...