Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower is a bloody way to learn game

Kuchera | Last updated about 17 hours ago
The upcoming Mortal Kombat is a sort of reboot of the franchise, taking the game back to the basics while updating the core mechanics and gameplay for a modern audience. It's an ambitious undertaking, and one of the ways the game tries to engage the player is the Challenge Tower: a series of 300 challenges that test players' ability to perform fatalities, fight under different conditions, and try a variety of characters. It's a wonderful way to get a feel for the game, and a new trailer describes how it all works.

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SubZeroMaster2846d ago

you wanna see it huh?

well keep your eyes open for me then ;)

jjohan352846d ago

Dude this sounds so badass. I just hope the fighting mechanics provide a lot of depth. I really enjoyed the frame data built within street fighter 4. I hope MK reboot can provide something similar.

jdoggystyyle2846d ago

game looks pretty much amazing

saint_john_paul_ii2846d ago

im so glad MK is back to its former glory.

Nitrowolf22846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

yeah i was getting tired of it trying to keep up with modern time and making it like all the other fighters. 2D plane fighting is always how it should be for MK, didn't like the other MK where (new ones and late PS2) where it was so much room, i enjoyed deadly alliance but after that the characters began to get a lot bigger and much slower.

ngecenk2846d ago

yay!... stryker confirmed!

LOGICWINS2846d ago

I wonder what his fatality will be.

Dan502846d ago

Its gruesome look the Australian Classification report for this game to see why it was denied. ;)

Mr Tretton2846d ago

I'm glad they put this extra stuff in. Fighting games need stuff like this.

MrBeatdown2846d ago

Sounds cool. I hope this is a bit easier than those ridiculously hard kombo challenges from MK vs DC.

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