Far Cry P2P defendant pens a heartfelt "not guilty" plea

Last year, lawyers from the US Copyright Group filed a federal lawsuit against 4,577 anonymous Internet users accused of sharing the film Far Cry through BitTorrent. Fed up with the fact that nearly everyone sued in the case lived outside of her jurisdiction, federal judge Rosemary Collyer eventually forced the US Copyright Group to drop most of its lawsuit targets in December 2010. The case continued with a few anonymous defendants and a single named defendant—Adrienne Neal of Washington, DC, where the case was brought.

Neal was served with court papers four days after Christmas, and her response was demanded by January 19. No response came. US Copyright Group lawyers then had the court clerk declare Neal to be in default, and last month they asked the judge to fine Neal $30,000 plus more than $3,000 in attorney fees.

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SonyNGP2842d ago

Of all the movies they chose to sue people over. It's this piece of crap?

superadvanced2842d ago

never even knew this movie existed

DaCajun2842d ago

I heard about it from someone and heard it was utter crap.

LMAO I want to see these sorry losers try to use the excuse that "I would never buy this anyway, so it should be ok to pirate."

There you go you sorry ass pirates you shouldn't pirate crap. First because it's crap and second because it's crap, Wow how pathetic are these people. You deserve to be sued just for being stupid and pirating crap.

ATiElite2842d ago

Far Cry the movie was an absolute piece of shit! they are trying to sue people so the company can get back the money they spent making this piece of crap which they won't cause all this money paying lawyers is even more of a waste.

Actually they should sue themselves for making this gutter of a movie.

Vesemir2842d ago

What's more disgusting... ??
The Pirates or the Lawyers ?? Hmmmm... What a dilemma

limewax2842d ago

Agreed, Pirates pretend they arent screwing you over, Lawyers show you the lube brand

Primal Rex2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

They have to make back the money wasted on this god awefull movie some how !!!

FantasyStar2842d ago

God damn this movie....

Brings back bad memories.

rodeoo2842d ago

I watched the first ten minute. It was so bad i had to delete it.

NCAzrael2842d ago

I saw it on DirecTV one night. I caught it towards the end and watched about 10-15 minutes and then had to turn it off. I was kind of sad 'cause I really like Emmanuelle Vaugier. I don't know how Uwe Boll gets hot chicks to do his movies, but man he knows how to tarnish somebody's career.

DaCajun2842d ago

Deleted it? ahh so they'll be coming for you next little Mr. pirate?

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