Why I Stopped Playing The 3DS In 3D

Kotaku: Tomorrow will mark my one week anniversary of owning a Nintendo 3DS. I'm happy with the handheld — it's a peach. However, six days in, and I've already ditched the 3D. I loathe it, and it's a feature I can do without.

Thankfully, Nintendo allows players to switch on the 3D effect and switch it off. And thankfully, the stylish hardware and elegant software that powers it are compelling enough to warrant a purchase. But the 3D? No thanks.

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Kran2790d ago


:/ Just buy a regular DS.

MaideninBlack2790d ago

Why add a 3D feature if your eyes can't tolerate viewing it for longer than 15 minutes?

Dark_Charizard2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Lets just stick with NGP for now. 3DS = fail!

LOGICWINS2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"Why add a 3D feature if your eyes can't tolerate viewing it for longer than 15 minutes?"


@MaideninBlack- Can't believe your getting disagrees for simply using common sense.

plb2790d ago


Where can I purchase a NGP now?

sashimi2790d ago

Because Nintendo needs a gimmick :P

socomnick2790d ago

All 3d is fail regardless if its coming out of a 3ds a ps3 or the big screen it's all tacky and a fad just like motion Controls.

HappyGaming2790d ago

@socom yeah just like colour tvs and analogue sticks... they suck.

TheBlackSmoke2790d ago

All Nintendo can do is bring gimmicks to the table. the 3ds without 3d is a PSP with less features and quality games. Sony basically win the handheld war with ngp, although the sheep will flock to 3DS like flies on shit.

nycredude2790d ago


All those are fads only to people who don't have them. I am almost done with Killzone 3. Playing on Sony xbr 3d tv with the move and sharpshooter and let me tell you it isn't a fad.

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Stealth20k2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

can all of you really be this stupid?

the 3ds is about 10 times as powerful as the ds, with real online, backwards compatiblity (analog as well) and will be the next #1 portable with amazing games for at least the next 7 years........the ds on the other hand is basically not getting any more brand new games aside from kirby ds 4.......see how long that lasts you. You buy the 3ds for the exclusive games. If you buy the 3ds for the gimmicks your a moron

the 3ds is optional. Completely optional. You dont have to use it if you dont want to. Some people like it, some dont. The point is its optional

He even says the 3ds is awesome. But he just doesnt like the 3d. its fine. Its optional

White-Sharingan2790d ago

Please define "real online" LMFAO

ChronoJoe2790d ago

By your logic people should buy the 3DS because it's the next one out and Nintendo won't be supporting the DS, anymore.

You seem very susceptible to uh, marketing. Plus you have no idea if it'll be the #1 portable for 'at least 7 years'. NGP seems fair competition especially with the 3D aspect of the 3DS, being more of an annoyance for most.

Also, you don't know if other products will spring up. Maybe people will start taking Iphone development seriously, if we saw more games like Infinity Blade, on those platforms. I think people would consider it a proper portable gaming platform.

nycredude2790d ago

It's optional to use sure, but not optional to buy. The freaking thing is $250, and the 3d that gives you problems accounts for a large portion of that price tag. So you pay for it but don't have to use it. And it seems many won't use it so you are forced to pay for something you won't use.

fatstarr2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

couldnt have said it better.
Nintendo needs something new that no one could replicate and that is 3D. sony already stole the touch and motion which they frowned upon already.

@ above obviously you dont know marketing. NGP will sell alright, 3DS like hotcakes. 3DS will be the generation winner already.

3DS is not the next inline of the ds its the next generation... DS support is going to be killed b4 2013 and the 3DS will be the new 3rd pillar.

ChronoJoe2790d ago

*rolls eyes*

And you know how the NGP is going to be marketed fatstar? or future systems which spring up during the 3DSs preemptively proclaimed '7 year period' on top.

It's quite likely to be the case, I don't disagree with that. (although I think 7 years is a figure he pulled of his ass) but in general making these kind of statements at this stage is idiotic.

Masterchef20072790d ago

You just mentioned something that is so true. Many people dont want the 3D feature and are forced to pay for it. They should have released 2 SKUs one with 3D and one without it.

badz1492790d ago

SKU without 3D? what should they call it then? DS2?

Jio2790d ago

I agree, more people on N4G need to do research. They read the 3DS and only see the DS. Then again, Nintendo has poor naming skills.

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RyuCloudStrife2790d ago

These guys that say 3DS price is only for 3D make themselves look stupid and like they just entered the gaming industry when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out because now in days a nex gen console has to be something out of this world....

Tell me what where the differences between Gameboy Color and Advance and SP? very little graphical increments that was it yet it was a legit Next-gen console for the time... and so was the Super Nintendo for the NES and the PS2 to the PS1, you guys are ignorant...

And it not just 3D the 3DS also has motion sensing

HappyGaming2790d ago

Like buying an iPhone but not using it as a phone ha?

Or a 3D TV with on demand web channels but never using the 3D?

I see your point but I think the above along with buying a 3DS without planning to use the 3D which is the main function is kind of silly.

AGamerOfConsoles2790d ago

You don't need to use the 3D. I am buying it because practically every third party series I like is on there and I much prefer Nintendo's exclusives.

Hardware can boast all the gimmicks and specs it wants its the games that keep us playing it.

zeddy2790d ago

i'd take ngp over the 3ds anyday not because the 3d will give eye strain but because the ngp is a more powerful machine + better games, its a no brainer.

fatstarr2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

A step into the next generation -_-.
do you see the graphics on it.
and the games wtf -_-...

ZeroX98762790d ago

um for the great games that's coming on the system and because the DS is going to get ditched after the popularity of the 3DS rises.

liveActionLeveler2790d ago

So you can play games exclusive to the 3DS.

bakaPX2790d ago

We have to get used to the fact that most N4G users don't bother with common sense because of their stupidity. :)

Jio2790d ago

the 3DS is a new generation. If you buy a DS then your not going to have anything to play because theyre making games for the 3DS not the DS anymore. Just to show you how much its changed, the DS cards only had 216 megabytes of memory while the 3DS has 8 gigabytes. The 3D isnt the most important feature, its just an enhancement

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deserteaglexix2790d ago

"You can't have a famous Japanese boy band go on television and talk about Nintendo's new wonderful interface for 15 seconds at a time. Well, I guess you can, but, like I said, it's a harder sell."

Dear Kotaku, please don't:

- Write like you speak; it's a different form of communication.

- Contradict yourself mid-paragraph. It's not cute, unless you haven't reached middle school.

- Use "said", when you meant "wrote". You aren't speaking to me.

Cloudberry2790d ago

Unfortunately, I haven't try the 3DS nor ever watch it's glassless 3D games yet so I reserve my opinions until I get my hands on it...

MGRogue20172790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

'cause the 3D sucks & damages your eye sight, that's why.

The Sony NGP is the most perfect hand-held, right now.

If you want to experience 3D.. you go & buy a 3DTV, or you wait for glasses-free HDTVs to become available.

christheredhead2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

or if you want to experience 3d go buy a 3ds. itll be the only handheld with 3d features.

thats like saying the same thing for the ngp.

"if you want great graphics and online play go buy a ps3 and an hdtv"

badz1492790d ago

"or if you want to experience 3d go buy a 3ds. itll be the only handheld with 3d features."

not really dude! PSP hack allow it to do 3D too. still need red/cyan glass but the 3D really works!

StitchJones2790d ago

A Nintendo fail that will still cause the thing to sell like hotcakes. Just like that gawd awful Wii console that doesn't even have HD output.

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