We Dare causes controversy on UK Chat Show 'The Wright Stuff'

Ubisoft title We Dare caused a stir on topical UK chat show 'The Wright Stuff' this afternoon with a panel of celebrities agreeing they were 'not comfortable' with the game's 12 age rating.

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PhoenixDevil2842d ago

Interesting problem, however its all kinda a big fuss about nothing, how many 12 year olds are on CoD, they shouldn't be able to purchase the game or play it but plenty do. chances are you show most 12 year olds that n they'll happily choose CoD over it which fortunately less people seem to have a problem with.

I'm not saying that kids should or shouldn't be playing violent or sexually suggestive games but really any of the kids with CoD probably arent going to want it and those with strict parents will prob see about the game before they get it or let there kids get it. Thoughts ?