Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week: Wizard’s Keep! - Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes: "We all love playing RPGs where the lead character starts out as a scruffy peasant who eventually makes good as a knight in shining armour. In the case of Wizard’s Keep, however, this is a perfect analogy for the game itself."

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Jonmau52543d ago

The game sounds good, I like it when the good indie devolpers come out with these games as opposed to the rubbish indie devolpers who wish to fill the service with massage games...

Blues Cowboy2543d ago

The overall quality of XBLIG titles have been improving in leaps and bounds over the last few months, partly down to the scene itself rejecting the whole "zombie massage" crowd. You're right though, there's still work to be done.

This little game isn't pretty, but it's insane value for 80 MSP. Better than any massage app, that's for sure.

Jonmau52543d ago

I couldn't agree more with you, well said!

cliffbo2543d ago

wow this game looks awsome lets hope they make more games like this fantastic!.

Trroy2543d ago

Wow. The review knocks the graphics of a $1.00 game. I think they look fine?

Blues Cowboy2543d ago

It does make the point that they also don't matter so long as the gameplay's solid.

Trroy2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Well, I agree in that regard... although frankly I am surprised they look as good as they do, for a $1 indie title.

Is the animation good (meaning more than just a couple sprite frames, or otherwise mostly unanimated), or are they just single-frame sprites?