Yakuza's Female Zombies Don’t Get Lady-Like Deaths, But Keep Their Dignity

Sega's Yakuza crime games are infected with zombies (and zombies from other games). In the game's fictional Kamurocho, schoolgirls and business ladies are turning into the walking dead. But when you finally kill them, they don't exactly end up lady-like.

Then again, trying to eat people isn't very lady-like, either. Funny, that.

A whole bunch of games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl included, feature incredibly detailed underpants for in-game female characters. Yakuza: Of The End has dark voids, it seems — leading many Japanese gamers to wonder why.

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Raider692789d ago

An YAKUZA game with zombies!What stupidity!

SimpleSlave2789d ago

That's cuz u haven't seen the movie Versus. The demo is out in the Japanese PSN, try it before you knock it.

Raider692789d ago

Yes i have seen and played!And it has nothing to do with the YAKUZA lore!Its just a way for sega to capitalise money on the zombie and horror game momentum!Its ridiculous!

Krugsy2789d ago

It was never intended for it to fit Yakuza cannon. Just like Undead Nightmare wasn't part of official Red Dead Redemption cannon.

Godmars2902789d ago

Am I the only one who manged to play it and found the controls crap? Camera especially.

Rob9462789d ago

Go to the options and change everything besides the bottom thing, makes controls much better