Battlefield 3: DICE Demos Gameplay, Talks Tech, Muliplayer

NowGamer has an exclusive Battlefield 3 eyes-on preview and interviews with DICE

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LOGICWINS2814d ago

"Battlefield 3 was blown wide open at GDC earlier this week, but we have much more from our exclusive visit to DICE last month, with eyes on an extensive gameplay demonstration, complete with fist fights, bomb difusals and freeway battles."

Fist fights too?! OH MAN! OHHHHH MAN!!

ATiElite2814d ago

Just when you think you've seen it all or heard it all Battlefield 3 wets your pants with every bit of new info.

Fist fights....i wonder can you knock weapons outta ppls hands or beat ppl up and steal their gun. NIce!

SynysteR2814d ago

I love you DICE, I really do! :)

Stewie2k82814d ago

So there is still only 24 players on xbox 360 and PS3... im really starting to wonder if i should upgrade my pc for this game or not.

Pros: better graphics.
64 player battles.

Cons: I havent played an FPS game on PC since Crysis :(
So i will be nooby.

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DigitalAnalog2814d ago

BATTLEFIELD was MADE for the PC. The consoles had their way with Bad Company. 64 player battles is where battlefield is at, any less and it would be a lackluster experience.

-End statement

ATiElite2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Battlefield is a PC game and experience FIRST and will be ported down so consolers can enjoy the experience.

Battlefield Bad Company is a CONSOLE game and CONSOLE experience that got ported to the PC for BC2. both made by DICE and are similar but NOT the same.

Bad Company is combat in several key hot spots around a large map. you can get back and forth to those hots spots without harm most of the time. Hot spots being the flags or objectives and check points in rush.

Battlefield is combat all over the dam place across an enormous map. You have to use tactics just to get down the road. ALL areas of a map need to be controlled to be successful. example choke the enemy from gaining access to their air support can really turn the tide in Battlefield while in Bad Company air support was a nice feature that didn't determine win or loose.

Organization XII2813d ago

People get the PC version or just stick to your daily casual crap of dooty.