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Battle: Los Angeles game is announced with new screens and a trailer

New media for the Battle: Los Angeles game announcement (Battle: Los Angeles, Konami, PC, PS3, Saber Interactive, Xbox 360)

sp1deynut  +   1394d ago
This is a downloadable title, RIGHT?? If not...well....LOL. :o
Raider69  +   1394d ago
Yes its only digital distribution!No physical media on this one sadly!
Nitrowolf2  +   1394d ago
yeah it's a DL title which is good move i think. It doesn't look all that bad, at least decent
Cerberus2125  +   1394d ago
No,it is not a downloadable title,because it did not say Download March 2011 at the end of the video.
Nitrowolf2  +   1394d ago
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Sarcasm  +   1394d ago
Cerberus2125, you have my seal of approval.
RustedMan  +   1394d ago
doesn't look too bad...
turgore  +   1394d ago
battlefield 3 has some competition...NOT.
RustedMan  +   1394d ago
Borat, is that you?
Hazmat13  +   1394d ago
looks like fun!
Spartacus5405  +   1394d ago
Wow, cool I hope its like a $9.99 game in PSN
I wonder if it's exclusive to PSN cuz battle la (movie) is made by SONY
sjaakiejj  +   1394d ago
A Downloadable Movie Tie-In. Seems like the right thing to do. Better development cycle, shorter game, and perhaps better quality. It looks ok based on the trailer. Better than Iron Man 2... lol.

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