5 stunning new Dark Souls screens

Brand new screenshots of Dark Souls are revealed | Raiding Party

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Corrwin2846d ago


Stunning Screens!

Please post the less ridiculous article title of "Dark Souls – 5 new screens revealed". I guess poster thinks people won't look at screens unless they are STUNNING!!!

nycredude2846d ago

I am so stunned at how we get a stunning amount of stunningly super stunning screen shots of stunning games from stunning developers.

Kee2846d ago

Yeah, pure stunning =D

DigitalAnalog2846d ago

It's natural this one could push forward with graphics since a lot of DS fans supported the last game.

-End statement

trainsinrdr2846d ago

i didnt buy demons souls and im not buying this either btw this isnt an insult just a statement

Corrwin2846d ago

You didn't buy one of the best games this gen? Do you hate games?

Is that what trolls do now? They just don't like the hobby they spend so much time on?

trainsinrdr2846d ago

no because i once lost a heap of copy protected saves like killzone 2 and assassins creed 2 to ylod (hardware failure) and i now dont buy games that are copy protected like demons souls and dragon age etc

RedDead2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Well I suppose that's a good enough excuse, you are missing out though, it was my GotY in whatever year it came out. I got the JP version which had english VA and subs aswell as the JP ones.

They've really upped the quality of the graphics with this one haven't they? Bigger budget? Although the screens are blurred and a bit low quality

BlackTar1872846d ago

why are you wasting everyone time.

What a stupid post come on.

I cannot wait for this game either im at a part in demon soul i have to beat the old king and get a friend ring and im done but i dont want it to end so i just stopped playing it.

bigtrucknd2846d ago

I got platinum trophy in game and still played another play through. I'm on my eighth play through now.

BlackTar1872846d ago

Nice do you have a friend ring you could let me borrow for a second.

Dont get me wrong i love the game i sometimes do that though if i love something so much ill sop just to keep it from being over.

May sound crazy and it is but ive done it with a bunch of stuff just not usually Video games.

Firefly took me like a yr to watch the final episode :(

MysticStrummer2846d ago

You missed out big time. Demon's Souls is still my Game of the Generation... so far.

thief2846d ago

What a stunning statement.

Belasco2846d ago

You are missing out, at least try it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

you can get a copy for cheap, unless you think your going to get another ylod.

Its like a 3rd person action japanese diablo game, I love it.

DarkSpawnClone2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

idk dude that seems like a poor excuse to miss out on some great games just because you lost your saves,iv lost lots of saves before and i just made a new game,games are not that hard to beat,and with demon souls you may find you delete a character to make a new one once in a while to play around with different stats and builds,its a real good game i would say you should get anyway it's not that expensive i think i seen it for like $19.99 which is a steal.

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Stealth20k2846d ago

looks pretty good. The word stunning is thrown around way too much

Lirky2846d ago

This will include better online activity than demons souls. Demons souls included activity such as you have to.. .. wait wait wait till u see a blue soul sign to spawn another player it takes too long to play online for demons souls but its meant to be a single player game.

BlackTar1872846d ago

U know whats weird i played the whole game solo 2x, on my third but when i did play with someone online they were so surprised i was able to beat the game solo. So im just throwing that out there personally i didn't find the game to hard that i couldn't solo any part but some people online acted like it was not really a solo adventure and that it was a coop experience.

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