IGN: GDC: Death is Quick in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

As anyone who played the original Red Orchestra will tell you, this is not a simple first-person shooter. The sequel, the World War II-themed Heroes of Stalingrad will be no different.

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StarScream4Ever2845d ago

This is as close to realism but playable Eastern Front FPS. :)

There's already plan for an expansion pack on the Pacific Theatre after launch.

Bonerboy2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

I loved the previous game! This looks awesome. A REAL fps that really keeps the annoying "run and gun kids" far far away. Ost was/is a really tough and punishing experience. One of the very few games that have made my heart pound in my chest while slowly and carefully stalking a 'hull-down' panther tank in the short grass with a satchel charge where the slightest miscalculation meant death. Sweet ass tank battles and so on. Ost has it all and this new one looks to improve on it once again. I've played a million different games and the vast majority of my fondest gaming memories are from RO-Ost. Buy this!
Must get a beefier computer!