Gears of War 3 Easter Egg will take "months if not years" to discover

Gears of War head honcho Cliff Bleszinski has teased gamers about a certain Easter Egg that will appear in upcoming blockbuster title Gears of War 3.

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THC CELL2818d ago

and it will say See you soon sony

TOO PAWNED2818d ago

actually I think there will be something about next Xbox. it is not by accident that they show these "next gen" videos. Knowing MS they are probably already sharing dev kits with some key developers. Plus MS wants to release their console before Sony.
So next MS console fall 2012, PS4 fall 2013. My prediction

The Meerkat2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It could be, that if you put the Gears 3 disc into a xbox 720 it will play the game at higher frame rate with improved native resolution.

And you get to play as Cliffy B

Just a guess.

Oxymoron0282818d ago

I doubt we'll be seeing the PS4 in 2013. Sony have said they have no plans for a PS4 yet, and chances are that wont change for a while.

Downtown boogey2818d ago

Haha, no way...

This gen will be the longest thus far, BY far.

limewax2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Yeah right, New Xbox next year making Kinect and its marketing budget redundant :/

Honestly though this easter will be found in days, a week at best. If he wanted it hidden for years he shouldn't have said it was there. Now people will look in every little corner and well, it aint going to take long

I accidently stumbled across weapons that (according to the weapon map) dont even exist in FF12. Im sure millions of people between them can find an easter egg

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FailOverHero2818d ago

See you in court maybe. At this point the most likely place anybody sees Sony is from within a court room. LG, Geohots, Graf...Back on topic, I already know where to find this easter egg, the one place x360 players never look, the game manual...too many words!

egidem2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Something tells me that Cliff's statement will be debunked in like a week of playing the game. He has no idea of how dedicated gamers get when they are looking for something.

Has he not seen how quickly say, game collectibles guides reach the internet before a week is even over after the release of the game? Doesn't matter how smart his developer team will hide the Easter Egg, he's greatly underestimating the combined brain of millions of individuals who think in infinite ways!

Linkinito2818d ago

See you 2 days before release.

ZeroChaos2818d ago

Bets it will be found before release.


Raven_Nomad2818d ago

It's probably something smaller then a console release. I do however think we'll hear about the next XBox at this E3, but wont see it until the following Holiday.

I believe we'll also get a Gears and Halo game at launch. I also believe Microsoft will continue to support the Xbox 360 like they said they would.

I love finding Easter Eggs, hopefully it's not too difficult.

El_Colombiano2818d ago

Hearing about the new Xbox at E3 would undermine all the work Microsoft has been doing promoting Kinect. That is, unless the new Xbox is centralized on Kinect. Which, frankly, would suck hard.

Raven_Nomad2818d ago

Kinect will be 100% compatible with the next XBox, it has to be. Also, just because they come out with a new console a year and a half from E3, doesn't mean they stop support on the Xbox 360. Microsoft want's to be first out of the gate again, I figure Nintendo and Sony might launch something Holiday 2013, which is a couple of years away, meaning Microsoft will want to launch next Holiday.

We know 343 is working on some big Halo, it's probably a next generation version. Also, Epic didn't pull these "Next generation" graphics from nothing, it's probably something we'll see at E3.

If we don't at least hear about something regarding the next Xbox at E3, I'd be super surprised.

callahan092818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Yeah, they didn't pull them from nothing. They pulled them from 3x GTX 580's in 3-way SLI. When do you think we'll have consoles with this kind of power?

3x GTX 580 = 3x $500 = $1500

This also requires a pretty high-end motherboard for 3-way SLI support. The cheapest one I could find with this support = $140

Which would require Socket AM3 CPU, specifically AMD Phenom II, the cheapest = $95

Then you're going to have to power this bad boy. With 3-way SLI 580's you're going to need a beast of a power supply, and also one that's very reliable and protects you from thermal overload and will lend itself to good airflow, or you're just going to destroy your rig. Guru3D says that a 3-way SLI setup with 580's is going to push your rig to eat over 1000-watts. So you're going to want something like this for the power, the airflow, and the protection it gives you (cheaping out on the PSU is the last thing you want to do) = $280

So that's just the barebones setup to get 3-way 580's. And you're already up to $2015. You haven't even got your RAM yet. Or hard drive. Or an optical drive (because if the next Xbox is going to come out next year like you predict, it is not going to be exclusively digital distribution).

You're also going to need a big case to fit all those guts and keep decent airflow and you're going to want a monster cooling system because those cards get HOT and you've got 3 of them all piled up on top of each other.

You're talking about $2500+, minimum. And remember, we cheaped out on the CPU going with the low-end Phenom II... which probably bottlenecks our monster GPU setup anyway and is most likely something we don't want to do. So don't cheap out on your cooling system (we don't want our next-gen Xbox to have the same reliability issues as the early 360's do we?) and probably give yourself a beefier CPU, and you're looking at what's probably easily a $3000 dollar machine.

With all the flack Sony took launching the PS3 at over 500 dollars, I don't think Microsoft is going to follow suit with their next console. So do you think this 3000 dollar monster is going to be viable to build and sell for under 500 within the span of a year and a half?

I don't think I have to tell you that the answer is "No."

KotC2817d ago

If Kinect can plug into any PC I'm sure it will work in the next Xbox. Just saying obvious is obvious.

mcstorm2818d ago

I dont see there being a new xbox until 2014 or 2015 as I think it is too early for MS to ship a new xbox with the slim and kinect only 12 months old I think this will kill off the xbox as people has just upgraded there old 360s or got Kinect.

I wonder if it will be a gears/Halo game. which would be quite interesting or it maybe something to do with the new 360 or a gears/kinect support.

Raven_Nomad2818d ago

Sony still supports the PS2 slim, Nintendo will still support the DSI and Sony will still support the PSP after the NGP releases.

There is nothing saying Microsoft wont support the XBox 360 until 2015 like they originally said they would, but that doesn't mean a new console cant come out from them.

I personally believe we are seeing less exclusives from Microsoft this year because their working on games for the next Xbox, if you think about it, it makes sense.

Also, as I said Holiday next year is almost 2 full years away when you think about it. Also think about when the PS2 slim came out, then when did the PS3 come out? it was around 2 years later I believe, this would be the same case here.

I'm not one of those "New consoles now!" type of people, I love the current ones and just bought a Xbox 360s and Kinect last year, but I also think Microsoft has to be thinking ahead. The 360 was hugely successful and had it's best ever year last year, but the console cycles will still come at some point. Next Holiday season will make 7 years the Xbox 360 has been out.

As I said, we'll probably see or hear something about it at E3. What better way to wow people? I mean who would really be expecting it? Now many.

mcstorm2818d ago

That is a fair point I just dont see them showing it at E3 this year as it will have a big effect on the 360 sales.

I Do think in 2 years we will see a new xbox but I think MS are doing too many things with Kinect and WP7 to bring out the new console.

I maybe wrong we will have to wait and see what happens at E3 but I am expecting something big this year from MS as they have not had anything out before E3 this year and there are still not Kinect core games being shown.

lost22818d ago

microshaft will stop supporting its 360 just like it did with the first one, thats why i don support anything made by MS.

NoobJobz2818d ago

They may still support 360. It sold alot better than the orginal xbox. I could be wrong but I think sales are almost double the normal xbox. I think that's the only reason they stopped supporting the original.

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