Korea's NCSoft at Crossroads?

With a pretty high turnover rate for employees and profits stagnating, it would seem that the company needs to do something different. Is this a sign that NCsoft is going to tank?

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Bonsai12144067d ago

doubt its going to tank. guild wars 2 is hitting next year, and that'll boost sales a lot. in the meanwhile, they're going to be taking in income from GW:EN from those who want to pass over their stuff from their original GW accounts.

then they have all those little cheap online projects they're doing too. can't remember the name of them, but they're pretty fun.

all in all, they should be alright. i mean, every company goes through a period when they're developing a new game and don't put out any new products for a while.

tranx902104067d ago

True but NCsoft invested a lot into Tabula Rasa and the project dragged on for 6 years into production. Also, the article mentioned about the turnover rate increasing. I'm not so sure about NCsoft's future. May be they'll be okay with EOTN sales but how long will that last and Guild Wars 2 is still 2 years away? May be NCsoft will not tank but you can never be too sure with anything these days.

Lumbo4067d ago

lineage + lineage2 still has roughly 40million subscribers, compared to Blizzards 8-10 million wow subscribers. Their focus market is Asia, and as far as i know they are secure in that market. Add city of hearoes + city of villains and several other mmorpg and you have a sound financial basis.

daftshadow4067d ago

Also, not to mention their other MMO Aion. But I've been playing Tabula Rasa closed beta for the past few weeks and one thing comes to my mind "This game took 6 years to make?" Also, NCsoft invested into Auto Assault and that became a major failure.