Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer hacks already surfaced

DasReviews writes: "It seems that Crytek's bad luck continues, as the first hacks for Crysis 2's multiplayer mode have already appeared. We knew it would happen someday, but we'd assumed it would be after the game's launch. The fact that there are already hacks means that Crytek need to address them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the multiplayer mode will be dead before even anyone starts playing it..."

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shadowknight2032843d ago

wow Im not even a PC gamer and this enrages me! heaven help us if this spreads onto consoles.

Tachyon_Nova2843d ago

Hacks are just a fact of life gaming online on PC. Very first day of MoH on PC people already had aimbot's up and running. I guess thats the price you pay for having an open system like the PC though, and I'm not going to give it up just because a few hackers spoil the fun.

captain-obvious2843d ago

Crytek is trying sooo much to be the next IW/tryarch
and guess what ..... they are on the right way to do so

kevnb2843d ago

Just boot them from the server...

BattleAxe2843d ago

This is what makes the online PC muliplayer experience inferior to consoles. I'm planning on buying this on Steam, but I really wanted to get into the multiplayer, so I might change my mind and buy it on PS3. I'll have to wait and try the PS3 demo on March 15th.

Spydiggity2843d ago

how does it "spreading" to console change the detriment this causes?

shadowknight2032843d ago

thx jmorgan for having the much needed common sense this site lacks

xYLeinen2843d ago

I'm so divided about the MP in Crysis 2. First I was really impressed and couldn't be happier with more tactical gameplay with 6vs6, but lately I see more and more CoD elements in the game. Maybe I'm just being to cautius, it's not like you can get an attack helicopter or so >_>

WhiteNoise2843d ago

Yet another reason why local MP and bot matches are a good idea.

6 v 6 + hacks. Crytek am fail.

FailOverHero2843d ago

I wish Halo Reach had bots. Would make local mp alot more entertaining


WOW...This game is over before it even came out..First people where not to impressed with the leaked game on PC. Then people where not to impressed with the multiplayer demo..And now hackers are around!!!!

This game got serious problems, It was over hyped and now every thing has just gown down the drain!!

2843d ago
DimSix2841d ago

the game is actually really good. seems like you haven't played it, so i wouldn't say everything's going down the drain when you don't know.

tubers2843d ago

I just remembered why Single Player high budget titles are still a viable option in the gaming industry.

Wow.. Hacks for these games are facts of life?

Forget it then xD

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