Shift 2: Unleashed’s Full Car List

There are 100 licensed cars in Shift 2: Unleashed – and GamerZines has got the full list below.

From the classic Ford Escort RS Cosworth to the cutting edge Bugatti Veyron, Shift 2: Unleashed packs in more cars than most other racers, each one beautifully modelled inside and out.

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Miths2840d ago

Pretty good list. GT5 might have ~900 more cars, but there are almost as many on the Shift 2 list I'm actually interested in driving - plus several I've found myself sorely missing in GT5.

I just hope the quality of the driving physics in Shift 2 proves more even among the cars than in Shift 1. Some cars felt great to drive with my Logitech G25 wheel (eg. the Zondas and the McLaren F1), while others were a huge disappointment (eg. the BMW M3 e92).

bigboss9112840d ago

(looks for Porsche) I just came.

Si-Fly2840d ago

You and me are probably in the minority but I love Porsche too!

GMWPS32840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

100 cars is a nice amount. I will buy this game unless the reviews turn out really bad e.g. < 6 or the physics is rubbish. Though as it stands now, it looks good.

Si-Fly2840d ago

You don't have very high standards lol! I'll buy it as long as it reaches an 8.5 average.

Killzone3___2840d ago

most of people do the same like if reviews are perfect....

Killzone3___2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

it will get more then 9 because it's not a ps3 exclusive , this is websites rule ...

loved shift 1 , it was fun and im sure this one will be fun too and it improved alot but the developers saying this will be better then gt5 is stupid ...

it's good that they put BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution :D , my brother love this car :D , he have one but he don't drive it out because he's always working on it XD..

C L O U D2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Am I the only one that felt that playing SHIFT on the PS3 with the DFGT was horrible?

Miths2840d ago

In the cars the felt best (as I mentioned in my last post, car handling was extremely uneven in my opinion) I really enjoyed the driving experience in Shift 1 with my Logitech G25.

And for reference I play a wide variety of racing games - from pure arcade racers with a gamepad (eg. Burnout, the new NFS Hot Pursuit) over "semi-sims" like GT5 and Shift with my G25, to full PC racing sims like iRacing and netKar Pro.

C L O U D2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I really wanted to get into the game...
but it just felt sluggish in terms of control and it felt near impossible to take a turn nice and tidy without skidding your tyres.

I hope everything improves in SHIFT 2

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