Street Fighter X Tekken: Alex the Dinosaur will be included in the game

A new character announced : Alex

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pedrami912358d ago

Wait, the Dinosaur from Tekken 2 !?

Yi-Long2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

...they would include Alex from SF3.

Hyperbomb692358d ago

YES!!! They put the wrong Alex in the game!! Cmon Crapcom do something!

GodsHand2358d ago

It's about freaking time, even though he fights just like Roger, I liked both variations, just like Panda and Kuma.

AGamerOfConsoles2358d ago

I agree. I can't wait to use him.

Now all I need is Lili and Asuka and this is must buy.

Masamori Sumimura2358d ago

I dont want no alex. Gimme Gun the dino from tekken 3

hay2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It was Gon, very fun character, but would need license since it's a manga character.

Focker4202358d ago

Damnit!!! When I read the title I was thinking it was Gon. My favorite Tekken character by far.

Kingdom Come2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Damn, its been a while since we've heard about this project. I want to see more from both games in the project. Whilst the Cam Gameplay for the Street Fighter Side looked great, it looked like early gameplay and all we have to base the Tekken side on is concept art and one screenshot of Ryu. This could be the Fighting Game of the decade if approached correctly by both companies... (With maybe the exception of Mortal Kombat)

anasurimbor2358d ago

Prepare yourselves for a lot of "A DINOSAUR BUT NOT MY CHARACTER???" arguments from here on out.

specialguest2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

C'mon, everyone knows that dinosaurs are extinct and don't exist, just like unicorns, gremlins, and ekimos.

Killzone3___2358d ago

this is just a game so everything is posibale :D ..

Raendom2358d ago

It's a Simpsons quote lol.

specialguest2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )


I think you're right, Eskimos do exist.

Heyyy, if they do exist, that means...

Oh crap! Gremlins! RUNNNN for the hills!!!


haha thank you.

GodsHand2358d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there, I never said anyhting about gremlins. I know Ekimos exist because Jennifer Love Hewitt used to be one according to a Family Guy episode.

Redempteur2358d ago

don't look at reality while playing tekken.. their universe include , clones, dead people , fighting bears , cyborgs , demons and several gods .


It's a cross over game . by that fact any hint of logical attempt of a setting is already lost . don't fight it ..go with the flow...