Dragon Age II unboxing reveals Mass Effect 3 'Arrival' DLC

Gamers who buy Dragon Age II will find a nice card in their box telling them "The ARRIVAL has begun", refering to the leaked Mass Effect 2 DLC that will bridge Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 together.

This can only mean that 'Arrival' will have the Reapers coming to Earth and giving us a good whomping. Oh, that's "Reapers" to the Turian councilor. Maybe this will convince him they're real.

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TheColbertinator2843d ago

"Ah yes,Reapers,we have dismissed that claim"

cyborg2843d ago

I can't help but be a little excited about this one though.

Raendom2843d ago

OR win for developers supporting single player games a year after release.

Nate-Dog2843d ago

This is real DLC. Not your FPS map pack bullshit.

Perjoss2843d ago

yes yes,
the previous ME2 DLC packs have been outstanding, Kasumi Stolen Memory being the weaker one but even that was pretty good.

callahan092843d ago

I just hate it when DLC is announced 6 months before a game comes out! Like, come on now. Focus on bringing out the best game you can bring. You shouldn't be planning to sell us add-on content this far out, you should be trying to incorporate all of your ideas into the base game first, then when the game is as done as it's going to get and needs to be shipped, start putting together the content that just couldn't make it into the final base game. But please stop planning in advance to leave content out of your game so you can sell it to us separately later. It's kind of an insult.

MWong2843d ago

Well this DLC isn't for ME3, it's ME2 DLC that pretty much links ME2 to ME3.

callahan092843d ago

Gotcha. That means I'm not upset about THIS DLC. But my comment is still true :)

WhiteNoise2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

It's funny because when I paid for my collectors edition of ME2 I thought I would be getting the DLC that came with the game, thinking there would be like 1 decent sized thing...but then additional paid DLC after paid DLC kept coming. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and even bought Kasumi which was pretty good, but still not worth $7 when you break it down to content+hrs/price.

I torrented everything else and will do so for this.

I bought the collectors edition of DA:O as well as awakening, which came to $159aus total for both.....yet it was STILL only half the games total content.

As far as I'm concerned all DLC is cut content and I have no problem not paying for it.

The recent Dead Space 2 'DLC' was proof of this. ALL of the DLC items were on the disk for each platform, you just needed a save game which had the flag to enable DLC. In other words juts a save from someone who had the DLC. The save file with the DLC is the same size as a save without the DLC.

BakedGoods2843d ago

You need the 'unlock' key to enable the DLC, that's what you download when you get on-disk DLC. And yes, it's BS to include additional content on the disk then charge extra for it.

And P.S., the Shadow Broker was solid DLC for ME2.

jdktech20102843d ago

You realize this dlc is a year and a half after the game came out right? I understand your stance (though I don't agree with pirating in any way) but it's been a year and a half

Drazz2840d ago

Me 2 released Jan. 2010

jdktech20102840d ago

ok, so a's not a big deal but people will make it one because it's the internet....either buy it or don't

No need to whine over it...people need to get a grip on things these days....too much whining going on

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The story is too old to be commented.